Yes Master ~ Master Imagination

Every once and awhile I come across a creative concept that literally takes me hostage; thus my fascination with the Yes Master brand at the Paris show last week.  After several days of focused exploration, it was a welcome treat to sit with Designer Igar Pacemski and listen to his vision of Intimates as a cultural and literary exploration into the Art of Lingerie.  The stories wrought by this 7 year old label are not immediately obvious. It takes some time to see the magic.  Each season is an evocative tableau that takes a woman on a journey to the “wrong side of good taste”.  Edgy, but with style and class, Yes Master is the quintessential British brand.  As I tend to “watch” lines for a while, before proselytizing about them, I have kept my distance until recently, when this line caught my attention with its Dreams Collection. Anyone who knows me well knows of my passion for all things Equine. I was hooked. Nothing is, in my opinion, as seductive as a horse.  Igar’s elegant interpretation of a woman’s erotic dreams and feminine fantasies is beautifully expressed by the charismatic White and Black stallion prints that sculpt and shape this group. It’s his imagination that I find so provocative.
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“Our Truest Life Is When We Are In Dreams Awake “  ~ Henry David Thoreau


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