Worthy of Mom ~ Julianna Rae

When I was young, I used to give my mother a single rose on Mother’s Day.  She told me that to truly appreciate the perfection of this flower, it needed to stand alone.  Eventually this offering became a tradition and now, every time I see one, I am reminded of this extraordinary woman, her warmth, her class, her beauty both inside and out.  I have never made much of this holiday, since one day a year seems a sparse concession to a person whose job lasts a lifetime.  What could one really offer her to compensate?  When I discovered the Julianna Rae II Cieli Spa wrap I knew I had finally discovered a gift worthy of my mom.  Practical, elegant and uniquely designed, this bathrobe is completely reversible serving two sides of a woman’s needs.  The finest Egyptian terry paired with a luxurious silk charmeuse makes this robe, sizes XS – XXL, as precious as that exquisite single rose..

“To Give Anything Less Than Your Best, Is To Sacrifice The Gift.”
~ Steve Prefontaine

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