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Malla-by-Clo-Intimo-as-seen-on-Lingerie-BriefsMy personal pipe dream was to one day relinquish all the “stuff” that clutters our lives as we “grow up” and return to a lifestyle of simple aesthetics. For me, the more tropical climates answer that call. There is something about the heat and the light that influences the local complexion. There is a perpetual aura of contentment in the air. I first discovered this in my 20’s while vacationing in Columbia and once again it surfaces now in the seductive underpinnings of CLO Intimo. Inspiration comes from many places, but it is owner and creative director, Claudia Ochoa who shows us how the juxtaposition of color in provincial architecture has evolved into the eclectic designs of her bralets and panties. In this video, Claudia describes the origin of the popular Malla Collection.

It Is The Object Which Aroused The Artist… Pablo Picasso


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