Black Is The New Black

By Kim “Kimmay” Caldwell


Maybe it’s because I live in NYC. Maybe it’s because I’m practical. Or maybe it’s because it’s downright sexy. I love black lingerie. In my 10+ years in the industry, I’ve seen a few colors trending here or there, but black was always a popular option – either for those who want something extra special or for those looking to create a foundations bra wardrobe.

In celebration of Halloween and this sexy color option, here are a few of my favorite reasons to Say Hurray for Black Lingerie.

1) Black undergarments are practical

I know that skin tone bras seem like the best neutral, and for under light colored clothing they are, but if you wear darker or saturated color clothing (like me) black undergarments, no matter your skin tone, are more practical. I cannot tell you how many women I’ve helped in the bra fitting room whose light colored bra is now gray because they’re worn it under dark clothing so many times. Clothing dyes tend to bleed, and perspiration makes it worse. Same goes for undies. That white cotton bikini or thong you keep wearing under those black jeans is going to be a whole new color soon. Black bras typically look best under darker clothing, too. So spare your light colored bras and invest in a few black bras and underwear.

black-bras-are-practical- Le Mystere

2) Black lingerie is sexy

C’mon. There’s something about black that is downright sexy. The Bra Doctor has a great article on the connection of black undergarments during Victorian mourning and fetishes, femme fatales and naughty pin ups. I think the dark connotations are absolutely part of the allure, and so is the way classic black plays with our senses. Sheer black looks mysterious in the light (can I really see through it?) and opaque black attracts light, giving the illusion of several black shades in one glorious viewing.

Simone-Perele-Black-lingerie-HURRAY-for-Lingerie-Simone Perele

3) Black is universally flattering

I personally love the contrast of black lace against my light skin and coupled with my dark hair. Though, let’s be honest, black lingerie looks great on just about every woman. It’s a crowd favorite no matter her skin tone, hair color, or figure. Below is a great example of two very different women wearing the same black Crème Bralee set – and they both look amazing!


3) Black underwear as outerwear

We’ve seen it all over the carpet. Stylish stars let their sleek black undies peek through a sheer lace skirt, a bodysuit act as the main attraction, or a sophisticated black bra shine through a sheer top. Lace and subtle details are welcome, but keeping black keeps it uniformed and easy to pair with just about any outfit.

black-underwear-as-outerwear-hurray-for-lingerie-Photo Sources: 1-5 ~ Fashion Fame, NY Daily News, Daily Mail, Daily Mail, Zimbio

If you just want to dip a toe, try wearing a tank style dress or top with a black bra that has pretty, decorative bra straps (I like the Simone Perele Caressence or Marie Jo Avero) for a beginner’s version of the “I meant for my underwear to show” look. Or I love this black Cosabella Betsy Bra (you read the right) which is a mixture of lace sleeves, a push up bra and a crop top. I’d wear it under a strapless dress, or pair it with a high-waisted skirt!


4) Black never goes out of style

No matter how many “_____________ is the new black” statements are made, black is still the reigning color in fashion. It’s timeless, flattering, chic, and fashionable all at the same time. So, sorry, Orange is the New Black (though I love that show), black is THE black.

Hollyhocks and Tulips, Nano Press, Silver Rose, Global Intimate Wear, Creme Bralee, Samantha Chang

What do you think? Do you, your clients or your honey wear black lingerie? What’s your favorite reason to wear it? Tweet at me @hurraykimmay and tell me what makes you Say Hurray for Lingerie!

Happy Halloween!



PS: Join me this October 26th for the first ever Say Hurray event in NYC. 1 day, 5 teachers, limitless possibilities. See you there!s



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  1. […] I truly feel that black lingerie never goes out of style. Check out my recent article on Lingerie Briefs about why I Say Hurray for Black Lingerie (including both practical and seductive reasons). Adding […]

  2. JustMe says:

    Hi there,
    Agree: black is a staple in that it is easy and doesn’t show wear.
    Agree: black lingerie is sexy. (I admit I am light skinned so that black is a contrast). I would love to hear from women of color if they feel the same way. Or, if maybe bright colors are what make them feel outta this world hot.

    On the other hand, I think we are doing a dis-service of saying that light colors and prints are just too hard to wear. I would love a lingerie store that can excite my creativity… what can be paired with the black bra that I already have. Or, how to “wow” my mate with color (as men are not very observant of detail… black every day will be boring, esp in the dark as they can’t tell one black tanga from another).

    I also think there is some education a store could do… possibly in the form of fun, take home literature. The below is not something I have experienced, other than with my jeans that I have hand dyed myself and am careful wearing/washing.
    “light colored bra is now gray because they’re worn it under dark clothing so many times.”
    “Clothing dyes tend to bleed, and perspiration makes it worse.”
    “That white cotton bikini or thong you keep wearing under those black jeans…”
    Guidance such as “wear only dark under dark”, would be helpful to consumers & make them realize that beautiful lingerie can last (and worthy of the pricetag) if taken care of. This is very true for the USA where “fast fashion” clothing that could have a dye problem.
    Education and compassion, will create a trusting bond with your customers. It might free their mind to create whatever lingerie sets they can imagine- a help to the whole industry, as well as an individual store.
    Black can be in any woman’s arsenal, but she should not be made to think that color or print are not fashionable. (There are many many European brands that do color and print in high quality). Heck, I challenge retailer to draw out the personality of the client- hopes, dreams, fantasy. Rather than throwing celebrity comparison/”ideal” at her. I guess I’m just of a different generation that the column writer- I do not care what Jes, Kesha, Brit, Ri, etc wear. I’m just thankful when they occasionally wear clothing. (When they are 80 years old, everyone will be thankful not to see their gyno parts on tabloids).
    To me, what a woman feels amazing in- fit, feel, shape, positive attitude- is the right piece or set.
    No matter what the color, or crazy color combinations. Lingerie should be life affirming (mind, body, soul). Will lingerie change the world? No, probably not. But is sets the stage for a woman to be positive about herself, have self respect and take care of her body/health. (Would not be a bad idea if men had the equivalent- to put down weapons and be happy in their lives; stops wars and live life).
    The above are just my opinions. Anyone is free to disagree.

    • Kimmay says:

      Hi! Thanks for your comment 😀 I love color, too. In fact, I often wear bright colored lingerie on a rainy day to perk myself up. I love your attitude: “To me, what a woman feels amazing in- fit, feel, shape, positive attitude- is the right piece or set. No matter what the color, or crazy color combinations.” I TOTALLY agree. This is what makes me say Hurray for lingerie! And when you said “Lingerie should be life affirming (mind, body, soul). Will lingerie change the world? No, probably not.” I actually disagree – sort of. I think a bra CAN change a woman’s life for the better, and then she can change the world for the better. Well fitting lingerie can help a woman find her confidence and connect with her inner feminine power. . . and once she has that, watch out, World! xo Kimmay

      Thanks again for your beautiful response!

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