Keep Toasty Warm & Dry This Winter ~ BLACKSPADE Thermal Underwear


Winter is upon us and if you are an outdoor enthusiast or just like to stroll around your neighborhood you’ll want to be sure to add a layer of Blackspade Thermal underwear to keep you warm and dry.

Blackspade Thermal underwear for men, women & children is perfect for keeping the body warm and maintaining that warmth. Specially manufactured yarns and insulated special parts in their fabric provides superior protection against cold. The cross-section structure of special yarns used in BLACKSPADE Thermal Fabrics causes the fabric to keep much more air so it increases the thermal insulation property.

Keeping dry is crucial for those who are active in the cold weather! Skiers, snowboarders, skaters, hikers even sailors will not only keep warm but DRY thanks to breathing capability of Blackspade Thermal underwear. Moisture on the skin is exhausted through capillary parts of the fabric – plus this prevents the formation of bad odors.


The natural fibers contained in Blackspade Thermal fabric are specially designed to give the feeling of softness and are lightweight so no matter what activies you enjoy – you’ll be able to move comfortably.

Blackspade’s Thermal collection is available in 3 levels depending on activity; from wearing around the home to extreme cold weather sports. This Thermal collection is available for all members of the family.


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