Planning Your Lingerie Business for 2015



Today you might be thinking about Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and the holiday rush. It’s also important that you’re thinking about your goals for 2015.

In my most recent monthly webinar I walked through a quick and easy method to plan your financial goals for the year ahead. It’s a little different from the usual ways of doing things, and also fun and very effective. Here’s the overview…

They key to planning for success is to begin with the end in mind. In other words, start with an understanding of the outcomes you want to achieve in the year ahead.

ASK YOURSELF: How much money do I want to make in 2015?

From there, take your goal and break it down into smaller and smaller goals until each step of the process seems obtainable, and less intimidating. Then take action on those smaller steps, one at a time.

Breaking big objectives into smaller steps is a great method for goals setting – no matter what kind of outcome you aim to achieve:

Financial goals…

Fitness goals…

Personal goals.

Which seems easier?

Making $100,000 or making 7 sales/day?

Losing 50 pounds or losing 1 pound?

Fixing a broken relationship or picking up the phone?

When you conjure goals that seem impossible, it is much harder to bring them to life. If you don’t believe them, it’s practically a given you won’t achieve them.

So flip the conversation in your mind. Set yourself up for success in 2015 by creating goals that you believe to be achievable, and then take action to make them a reality, one step at a time.

You can still catch the replay of the webinar for a few more days.

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