Success Is All In Your Mind



In my last column we talked about setting yourself up for success in 2015. Now that you’ve mapped out a rosy future, how can you set yourself up to make those goals a reality?

While there are a lot of business complexities that go into hitting your targets, it’s always easier to blame external factors for business challenges. Here are some I hear on a regular basis:

  • “The economy is terrible and my customers are just not spending on lingerie.”
  • “I can’t find good employees. They are…(fill in your problem here – lazy, inexperienced, disloyal).”
  • “My customers mostly want inexpensive beige T-shirt bras. They won’t spend more than $(fill in your perceived lower price point here).”
  • Or the close cousin, “My customers won’t buy…(fill in category here – swimwear, men’s wear, stockings).”
  • “Customers wait too long between visits.”

Have you heard yourself saying – or thinking – any of the above statements?

While any or all of these may be true for your business today, the great news is that these factors can be changed – and it’s within your power to change them.

The place to begin is with your own mindset.

The power of your thinking can create tremendous shifts, simply because – as humans – we strive to make our beliefs into truths. In other words, when we think something is true, we create outcomes to support those beliefs.

Take the belief that your customers won’t spend more than, say, $100 on a bra. When you think that’s true, when a customer comes into the store, you will be more inclined to show them bras below that $100 mark. When customers do try on the more expensive bras, your belief may color your remarks, your body language, and your other subconscious ways of communicating about that particular product. The customer can easily pick up on those cues and end up being steered away from the luxury line…thus confirming your belief that customers won’t spend more than $100 on a bra.

Call it cause and effect, the power of focused intent, or manifesting – it’s all the same thing.

Lingerie professionals who are willing to look objectively at their behaviors and beliefs have the power to make dramatic changes in their businesses.

Will you be someone who explores the larger world of the possible? Or will you remain stuck in the box of today’s reality?

When it comes to mindset, more than any other aspect of your business, only you control the outcome.

Ready to take action to make real changes for your business, and want some help knowing exactly what steps are needed to create your desired outcomes for your business? Apply for a COMPLIMENTARY one-on-one strategy session with me to learn more.


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