A Preview Of Salon International De La Lingerie


There are many great reasons to visit the Paris Salon De La Lingerie. Of course, Paris is an inspiration in itself.

Whether the weather is blue skies, typical January gray, or the occasional – and unexpected – snow (I’m looking at YOU, 2013) the city’s romantic air always engages a lingerie-friendly mindset.


This year, thousands of buyers will descend on the Porte de Versailles (last year more than 16,000 of them) to see upwards of 400 exhibiting brands. These buyers and thousands of other visitors will explore the six distinct worlds of the show.

Many will focus on the DESIGNER LABELS, which showcase the luxury collections, and THE ESSENTIALS, which make up the market’s key lingerie and corsetry brands.

Savvy retailers will want to balance their foundational purchases with visits to the world of COCOONING, where the nightwear, loungewear and indoor/outdoor homewear brands are featured. Or, perhaps they will augment their buying in the BEAUTIFUL LEGS area of tights, hosiery and socks.

Many successful retailers are finding the value of incorporating men’s lines, which they can survey in the land of SUPER HEROS (naturellement!)

And no visit to the Paris show should forego the LIMITED EDITION area, where emerging and young designers have an opportunity to share their fresh ideas with the world.

As Ellen mentioned in her recent column, the Paris show is where you come for trend inspiration, and companies like Carlin International will be presenting their vision for the Fall/Winter 2015/2016 season in the world of lingerie.

You can check out a preview of their upcoming trend report:

What else will you find at the Salon International De La Lingerie? Oh…just four fashion shows, daily conferences on topics ranging from global reports to retail advice, and the incredible forward-looking Interfiliere area, where the future of lingerie is crafted in the minds of brilliant designers around the world.

Paris… Salon International De La Lingerie.. Interfiliere. The trifecta of lingerie inspiration.


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