Differences Between Breast Lift Accessories and a Surgical Breast Lift



Pick one word that describes your breasts. What was your answer? If you selected perky or firm, this article isn’t for you. On the other hand, if you chose saggy, deflated, loose, or droopy, keep reading. There are several options available to give your breasts a little boost in the lift department.

Two of the main options for breast lifting you’ll encounter are breast lift accessories and a surgical breast lift. There are 3 popular accessory options that provide temporary lift while surgery provides permanent results. How do these options stack up? Let’s compare the most popular solutions for giving a lift to your breast in order to find out which option is best for your needs.

Lifting Bra Tape

Just as the name implies, bra tape (also called breast tape and breast stickers) have adhesive on one side that stick to the breast. There are several different brands, each with slight differences. The stickers are typically thin and are either transparent or come in different skin colors, often shaped like half donut or look like a bra cup. They are placed on the base of the breast ending at a higher area on the chest to create a lift.


Breast tape has a few primary advantages. It is a good lift option for outfits where a bra won’t work (strapless dresses, backless dresses, etc.). It can restore that barely there, perky breast feeling that women miss from their younger days. They also can fit almost any breast size or shape. They also have a few downsides. Some women find the stickers hard to apply (there is a definite technique to using them). They can only be used once and at $1 or $2 dollars apiece they aren’t the most affordable option, especially for everyday use. If not done properly they can come loose, leading to an embarrassing moment or two. They can also cause irritation and discomfort, especially for women with very sensitive skin.

Adhesive Bra

An adhesive bra is basically a hybrid between a bra and breast tape. It looks like a backless, strapless bra and is usually made of some kind of silicone or flexible plastic. These bras are worn with adhesive that attaches the cups to the breast providing lift and support. An adhesive bra is the perfect choice for formal-wear as it provides support without the lines and rolls caused by straps. Adhesive bras are cleanable and reusable, but you will need to apply fresh adhesive with each use.


The amount of lift you’ll get from an adhesive bra largely depends on how the bra is applied. It is generally recommended that you place the cups far out on the sides of the breast before fastening them so that the breasts squeeze together when the bra is fully applied. For even more lift pair an adhesive bra with breast tape. Apply the breast tape first and then put the adhesive bra on over the breast tape.

Push Up Bra

Every woman should own a good push up bra. Not only does this bra style give breasts needed lift, it also enhances a woman’s overall silhouette. Lifting your breasts can make your waist look longer and give you natural looking cleavage, whatever your breast size. The push bra is very flattering. As long as it fits it can flatter cup sizes from A to DD and beyond.


Push up bras generally feature padded, specially angled cups that push the breasts inward and upward. The padding in the bra adds a bit of extra volume (perfect for those breasts that have lost volume due to pregnancy or breast feeding) while the angled cups re-position the breast to a more flattering area on the chest. Push up bras are a great choice for those days when you want a little extra cleavage. A good quality push up bra isn’t cheap, but since it is a reusable option it can be considered an investment.


While push up bras have many advantages, they do have a few downsides. Bra fitting is notoriously difficult and most women get it wrong. A push up bra that doesn’t fit can be unflattering. Bras are also primary culprits of back rolls and bulges and many women find them uncomfortable.

Surgical Breast Lift

Both push up bras and breast stickers are temporary solutions to sagging breasts. They might work well, but as soon as they come off, your breasts will once again drop. A surgical breast lift is a more permanent solution to sagging.

A breast lift (also called mastopexy) uses a few small incisions on the breast (one is typically around the areola) to reshape and re-position the breasts. Excess skin is removed, the remaining skin tightened, and the nipple re-positioned. A breast lift is surgery which does mean a recovery period. For most women it takes about 2 weeks to fully return to their regular schedules.


Dr. Steven Robinson from Ohio Plastic Surgeons explains, “Breast lifting accessories like the push up bra can’t compare with a breast lift. Yes, they can lift the breast temporarily, but only a breast lift can permanently correct the problem of sagging breasts. After a breast lift you won’t have to worry about applying stickers or squeezing your breasts into an overly uncomfortable bra. Save yourself the hassle and get a breast lift.”

How do you lift your breasts? For many women a combination of all three approaches is the best choice. Breast stickers, adhesive bras, and push up bras can be used as a temporary solution; however, surgical breast lifts can provide long lasting results to give your breasts the natural look you’ve always wanted.


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