Baby It’s Cold Outside ~ Blackspade Thermal to the Rescue

Perfect for all seasons, Blackspade Thermal level II collection features outstanding active wear with pleasant wearing comfort, suitable for both moderate and high body activities, from cold to warm conditions.

Specially designed fibers are used in Blackspade Thermal Level II Collection providing advantages at their highest level, which are;

  1. Warmth; the engineered cross section traps pockets of air to protect and insulate against the cold.
  2. Moisture Management; It breathes and the moisture is transported away from the skin through the fabric by the capillary action of the fibre.
  3. Softness; has a unique cross-section with a crenelated surface. This creates fabrics and garments with an extremely soft handle for superb next-to-skin comfort.
  4. Natural origin; Natural fibres are used on the fabric.
  5. Lightweight; Special fibers are used for Blackspade Thermal for lightness.

Easy-care; Can be washed at 40ºC without losing their shape, style and color.

It is emphasized that the temperature and moisture balance preservation of the human body according to the different environmental conditions has a vital importance. The thermal comfort guarantees a comfortable and a non-wet state by transferring the Heat and moisture inside the fabric. Thanks to the woven structure and the fabric content used in BLACKSPADE Thermal products, both the body temperature and the sweat can be absorbed quickly and transferred to the outer layers.

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