Embroidering From The Heart ~ The Soul Expression of Cecilia Roger


Cecilia Roger considers herself a painter of embroideries. “Needles are my brushes, threads are my pigments and precious fabrics are my canvasses.” Her creative spark is sustained by the vast knowledge and continuous exploration of the ancient art of silk embroidery. She is championing one of the oldest forms of artistic expression. We enter her intimate world of embellished handbags and home furnishings with renewed appreciation for this art, fascinated by Cecilia’s own devotion to it.


A native of Milan, presently living in Italy and Switzerland, Cecilia was sensitive to the rich historical and design influences of her surroundings early on. Her childhood passion to construct objects by hand enhanced a foundation of the belief system that “working with one’s hands helps us to connect to our soul and reveal our inner treasure.” Ultimately this philosophy nurtured a focal point of her artistic quest – creating embroideries.


In pursuit of her mastery of various embroidery techniques Cecilia crossed the globe, gaining her expertise at such prestigious places like The Lesage School in Paris and Royal School of Needlework at Hampton Court UK. But it is her love of nature that bonded her to the unique sensibilities of Japanese embroidery and guided her travels to Japan and The Japanese Embroidery Center, located in Atlanta, Georgia.


Japanese embroidery heritage is abundant with motif symbolism, intricately attuned to the rhythms of the natural seasons. The actual embroidery process is a tranquil ritual which demands more than technical excellence. Every contemplative and graceful stitch is in harmony with a meditative intent to raise an awareness from within. Breezing from the hands through the needle and the silk thread the spirit of the artist co-creates a “shimmering painting” and reaches the heart. As the main source of inspiration, the sacred qualities of this path are tenderly reflected in Cecilia’s art. The beauty of her work is insightful and timeless.



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  1. Sharon Slowik says:

    She creates such exquisite treasures! A true master of her craft. Thank you for engaging us in her story.

  2. Steven Leszczynski Slowik says:

    Marina, Thanks for sharing another wonderful story. Cecilia is a dear friend and creates work of inspiring beauty.

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