How Lingerie Inspires Pop Television


Too often, we assume that trends in lingerie have to be set by fashion magazines and famous models. Indeed, for day-to-day wear, it’s often simplest to turn to magazines and fashion blogs to look for inspiration. But increasingly, people also seem to be getting ideas from entertainment and pop culture, rather than fashion and modeling specifically.

Perhaps this is due to the fact that TV and film have grown a little more relaxed about showing nude (or nearly nude) characters. Perhaps it’s merely due to the average person viewing more TV these days thanks to streaming services and On Demand options. Whatever the case, it’s fair to say that modern pop culture is inspiring some awesome lingerie ideas and trends.

Here are a few to keep in mind.

Olivia Pope,Kerry Washington’s extraordinarily popular character on the TV show Scandal—is always stunning and fashionable.


But few would have guessed that one of her most talked about wardrobe pieces actually ended up being a bra that was used more or less as a prop in a scene (Note: some Spoilers follow!). As written about by US Magazine, Pope used her own bra to escape captors in an episode earlier this year. Naturally, fans noticed, located, and gained an interest in the bra, which was a very sexy black lace selection from a Heidi Klum collection. No doubt it’s flying off the shelves!


It’s not always a specific item that becomes trendy due to TV popularity, however, so much as a general style. The clearest example here may be from the Comedy Central series Broad City, in which Ilana Wexler (played by Ilana Glazer) has become known for a certain style of bra that viewers seem to love. Zap2It posted numerous tweets from fans of the show wondering where they could get such a bra, and unfortunately exact replicas seem to be hard to come by.

CheriBra_1Adam & Eve carries a somewhat sexed-up version of the Ilana Wexler style lattice bra, which they call the “Oh La La Cheri Curves Bra.” You can view it below.

Again, that’s a little bolder and more overtly sexual than some of Wexler’s selections, but the Zap2It article also cites a few other stores where you might find more casual versions of the same style.

And then of course, sometimes TV characters also teach that less is more with regard to fashion. One of the most prominent examples in this regard is Serena Van der Woodsen, Blake Lively’s famous character from Gossip Girl. Generally speaking, Lively is not exactly afraid to show some cleavage.

blake-lively-juices-orange-02aSo perhaps it’s not a surprise that many recognize Serena Van der Woodsen largely for her lack of prominent bra style, and preference for more open, revealing clothing. Buzzfeed actually included some of these items (which it refers to as “boob cut-out dresses”) in its list of fashion misses for Gossip Girl. However, it’s hard to argue against the fact that Lively pulls it off, and given the show’s strong emphasis on fashion, it stands to reason the style probably influenced a lot of fan wardrobes.

These are only a few examples of the different ways in which popular TV fashion, and specifically lingerie (or in the case of Van der Woodsen, lack thereof), is influencing fans. All in all, it’s been an intriguing and fun development of a new place to look for fashion inspiration!





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