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crazysexytipsAre you going crazy in search of that solution or that simple piece of advice after having breast cancer? Well I might just have some helpful tips of interest to you.  A list of Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips especially devised for breast cancer survivors or family members to help make life a little easier and comforting.  As a breast cancer survivor of nine years now since 2007, I was in search of inspiration and all sorts of crazy sexy wellness solutions and found some ideas from New York Times best-selling author, wellness activist and friend, Kris Carr.  We met in New York City at a leading women’s entrepreneur event, Ladies Who Launch, where I had been a member for a number of years on end, when I learned about Kris’ first inspiring book and her journey.

5booksandfilmJean Criss with Kris Carr and her publications

I knew that I too wanted to cover the gamut, to provide survivors a list of ideas and items to think about pre and post-breast surgery.  Sometimes it’s helpful if a sister survivor can lend a shoulder to cry on or share a tip or two of advice to make your life easier and more comforting during that experience.  Suggestions from the heart, for you and family members, to make a woman’s journey a little easier just when you may need a little help from a friend.

Here’s what I have to say about improving your mind, body and soul during this traumatic time in a survivor’s life with my own custom Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips! These tips are explained at greater length in my breast cancer book My Pain Woke Me Up: BLISS

  • Appreciate your cancer babes
  • Watch out for PTSD
  • Find your sacred space
  • Mind your faux-pas
  • Tell all or don’t tell!
  • Go to cancer college
  • Document and track your medical history/treatments
  • Take a cancer-cation
  • Acknowledge sister survivors
  • Balance your life
  • Spend enjoyable time with family & children
  • Stop and smell the roses
  • Listen to your body
  • And lastly, don’t let cancer get the breast of you, I didn’t!
  • Early detection is the best protection!

 Next, what mind body practices and lifestyle changes have you made and how have they impacted your life?


Over the past several years I’ve succumbed to numerous food and drug allergies post-cancer similar to Kris’ experience but with a different type of cancer.  I have found many helpful resources about foods, ingredients and nutrition to be so important to me since diagnosis.  Kris’ book provided that too along with the FoodFacts website.  Eating the right foods and proper daily exercise has proven to make a healthy difference in my life.  Keeping up with healthy breast awareness – along with a positive mind, body, and spirit may have a life-long affect to a healthy I always say: Don’t Let Cancer Get the Breast of You! 

All the breast,






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