Your Top 3 Panty Wishes Answered! Magic Band by Janira

Finally, the perfect panty collection that every woman has wished for is here! Magic Band is truly in a class by itself. This extraordinary line encompasses every possible wish in an undergarment!

Janira’s Magic Band ANSWERS 3 TOP WISHES:

1) Virtually Invisible – no panty lines, no side seams or edging. Wear with leggings, tight pants/skirts with no visible marks!

2) Absolute Comfort ~ designed to NEVER ride up, adapts seductively to the “derriere” and comfortably stays put (they really don’t move!)

3) Feminine & Seductive ~ created with unique ultra ‘flat lace’ fabric which is nearly transparent and so feminine – looks gorgeous and sexy on every body type.

A bonus to add to the perfection of Magic Band is they also have the FAMOUS JANIRA COTTON TERRY GUSSET TOO! Which is recommended by Gynecologists, regulates the PH, is absorbent and eliminates odor.

All MAGIC BAND by Janira styles feature beautifully feminine, extra-flat lace, they are virtually invisible under clothing – no VPLs, and all styles stay put and never rides up at all. If there was ever a magic panty collection, this is it! Several styles to fit every woman’s individual taste and body shape. Colors: black, nude, Light Pink, Ivory, Nougat (light coffee color) and Dark Navy for Fall! Made in Barcelona Spain.

See the JANIRA line including the Magic Band Collection
at CurveNY ~ Booth 424!


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