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Janira Perfect Day panties on Lingerie BriefsPanties, like bras, are much more complex than meets the eye. No, they don’t have nearly as many components. But the expectation for comfortable fit is as prevalent in the mind of the consumer. And that is no easy feat because like a woman’s breasts, shape and size are unique to every individual. That is why this area of lingerie expertise is so difficult to achieve. I am constantly searching for underwear that can appeal to a broad base of women. Janira’s Perfect Day cotton and microfiber panty collection answers the call.

Janira Perfect Day panties on Lingerie BriefsThe construction of these panties is unique. Every pair is engineered with the Janira “Adapt Effect” back seam which enables the panty to sit perfectly on the buttocks without any movement.Janira Perfect Day panties on Lingerie Briefs

The renown Janira Cotton Band double tissue effect around the waist and leg openings in the microfiber group insure a more comfortable fit and a smaller appearance.Janira Perfect Day panties on Lingerie Briefs

Cover stitch finishing insures a flat surface.  Both the cotton and micro versions are available hi-waisted, low waisted and middle waisted.Janira Perfect Day panties on Lingerie Briefs

Every panty has the famed Janira terry cotton crotch piece and is available in sizes M-XL. The newest addition to the collection, the Maxi-Queen Micro briefs is available to a 3X and as been widely successful.

Janira Dolci Cotton Collection with "Silk Touch" Cotton Featured on Lingerie Briefs

Nothing feels quite as sensual as cotton against the skin, except perhaps silk. That’s why Janira’s Dolci Cotton Collection is such a game changer for women worldwide. These panty and camisole styles are renowned for their “silk touch”.

Boasting an advanced anti-pilling cotton fabric and the absence of any elastic at the waistline, these panties will not roll or mark the skin. It’s the luxury of feeling nothing at all with the confidence of knowing that one of the world’s most esteemed underwear brands is behind the fit.

Janira Dolci Cotton Collection with "Silk Touch" Cotton Featured on Lingerie Briefs

Five styles of panties from bikini to hi-waist briefs range from XS to 2XL. The soft touch lace at the waistline is elastic free to adapt seamlessly to a woman’s shape. Elegant essential, they are a promise of comfort and confidence in a woman’s everyday wardrobe

Janira Dolci Cotton Collection with "Silk Touch" Cotton Featured on Lingerie Briefs

Three easy tops add an extra layer of luxury.  Designed in the same “silk touch” cotton and edged with a narrow, these coordinating basic tops: long sleeve t, sleeveless tank and camisole range from S-XL.

The Janira® brand lays claim to many innovations in cotton underwear. Dolci has become a best-selling option!

Cotton Band panty collection from Janira - featured on Lingerie BriefsJanira has created the first of it’s kind in the world panty ~ Cotton Band!

What is extraordinary about this Cotton Band Technology is the higher percentage of extreme-stretch polyamide on the “panty line” in order to avoid all PANTY lines. Plus they are truly beautiful and offer extreme comfort.

Made in soft, stretch cotton, making them extra-comfortable. For perfect hold and fit both front and back. It does not pinch or oppress. You won’t notice it, and neither will anyone else. Stays put when you move, thanks to the opaque band.

Three gorgeous styles: High-waist Brief, Brislip Brief and Bikini Brief all available in white, nude and black, in sizes S-XXL.Cotton Band panties from Janira - Slip Brief & Bikini Brief featured on Lingerie BriefsBrislip Brief - Cotton Band by Janira featured on Lingerie Briefs

The Janira Cotton Band is better than all the other panties available because…

It is better than a flat seam (which technically you can always see on tight clothes)
It is better than a laser cut (because it holds in place thanks to the extra polyamide – without showing any lines)
It is better than thermo glued “seams” – which can come unglued and create a thickness that can show through thin clothes
It is better than silicone inside strips (lots of people are allergic and the silicone will create blisters with heat)
Cotton Band panty collection from Janira - featured on Lingerie Briefs

Janira Asks Women… What does ‘Being Perfect’ Mean to You?


Women are constantly being bombarded with media messages about ‘being perfect’. Janira asks ‘ What does ‘Being Perfect’ mean to you?’

Janira campaign - Being Perfect In My Janira! featured on Lingerie Briefs

Janira, the premier underwear brand from Spain, takes a closer look at what ‘Being Perfect’ really means to women…

Janira campaign - Being Perfect - When I think I look Perfect, I'm perfect! featured on Lingerie BriefsJanira campaign - When I feel confident, I'm perfect... featured on Lingerie BriefsJanira campaign - When I feel good, I'm perfect... featured on Lingerie BriefsJanira luxury underwear - I'm Perfect
I’m Perfect In My Janira!
Janira is your GO TO BRAND for ALL your underwear needs, from invisible cotton , microfiber briefs, to lace shortys, and their renowned Innovative, High quality, Comfortable, Feminine, and Elegant shapewear!

People who sell JANIRA like to call themselves “PANTY FITTERS” !
Stop by their booth #447 at Curve NY and find out why!


Janira Secrets Figure Shapewear featured on Lingerie BriefsIt’s no longer a secret that Secrets Figure by Janira is the prettiest and sexiest slimming shapewear on the market. The name ‘secrets‘ is because the flat lace and back are virtually invisible and doesn’t show through clothing. And Figure because the fabric provides a molding effect on the entire garment and reaffirms the buttocks and lumbar areas.  Available in four colors including ivory – which of course is perfect for brides to be!

Spain’s best-selling shapewear brand, Janira developed a fabric with using the highest technology and calling it “Sensitive” – this means that this fabric is lightweight, yet firm enough, comfortable and most important being breathable to the wearer.

Janira Secrets Figure 'The Body' featured on Lingerie BriefsYou will appear to drop at least one dress size in Secrets Figure one-piece ‘The Body’. Ergonomically designed with a push-up effect to Enhance your cleavage. Enjoy the perfect figure in comfort; without any visible lines; With the added seductiveness of Its floral design and plumetti.

Secrets Figure has the famous tanga effect with an ergonomic back plus features their incredible hypoallergenic and comfortable Janira gusset.

Secrets Figure by Janira shapewear as seen on Lingerie Briefs

The secret to shaping ones figure is Janira. With gorgeous floral details, these feature maximum hold shaping levels and beautiful fabric that is breathable, sexy, luxuriant and extra flat so it’s virtually invisible.

SEE Janira’s Magic Band Panties ~ New Colors and Sizes for SS18

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