Scantilly Debuts A New Look With Encounter


Scantilly encounter bra and panty on L ingerie Briefs

Every time I browse through my Instagram lately, I keep seeing the same bra. It was made from black mesh with beautiful pink and gold embroidery and seemed to show up over and over again on curvy customers and bloggers. The first few times I scrolled past it, I didn’t have time to see who had made it. It also didn’t have the look of any brand that I was aware of. To my surprise, it turned out to be the newest release from Scantilly!

Scantilly has made a name for themselves by making a huge range of sizes and by picking a look and sticking with it. Scantilly pieces are usually black, featuring sexy cuts and skin baring pieces with a heavy bondage inspiration. It’s still one of the only brands on the market making boudoir lingerie for larger cup sizes. If this segment of the market ends up taking off, curvy customers are going to owe a lot to Scantilly for blazing a trail early on.

Scantilly encounter bra and panty on Lingerie Briefs

The Encounter set fuses Scantilly’s bondage inspired aesthetic with something new: a gentler and more traditional look and feel. The straps are still there, but Encounter deploys them in soft shades of pink rather than in black. The bra design is outlined with pink, while the cups feature one of the most beautiful embroidery designs I’ve seen on lingerie in a long time. The online images don’t do the set justice: pink and yellow and metallic gold threads merge together to create a stunning floral embroidery. The set seems inspired by classic tapestry traditions rather than the bondage look, which gives the brand a whole new look to explore.

Scantilly encounter bra on L ingerie Briefs

The Encounter bra is made from an incredibly soft mesh and features a genuinely plunging neckline, which makes it a great choice under lower cut tops and dresses. It’s a set that can be at home in the boudoir or under your outfit at a restaurant without being seen.

Scantilly encounterpanty on L ingerie Briefs

If the amount of Instagram tags is any indication, this set has already been a great seller for Scantilly. I know some store owners feel like Scantilly and their bolder aesthetic won’t work for their customer base: I suspect this set will work better for their customers as an introduction to the brand. While I don’t want to see Scantilly abandon their trendy and sexy look, I do love that they are introducing some pieces that use color and have a softer feeling to them.

I put a picture up of the Encounter set on Instagram when I got it and got a bunch of comments. Most of them were from friends with a serious knowledge of lingerie (one was even a former bra fitter). All of them loved the set and no one knew where it was from. When I told them, several went off to buy themselves one! I love seeing Scantilly expand their look to attract new fans and I’m really excited to see what they try next.

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