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Janira Perfect Day panties on Lingerie BriefsPanties, like bras, are much more complex than meets the eye. No, they don’t have nearly as many components. But the expectation for comfortable fit is as prevalent in the mind of the consumer. And that is no easy feat because like a woman’s breasts, shape and size are unique to every individual. That is why this area of lingerie expertise is so difficult to achieve. I am constantly searching for underwear that can appeal to a broad base of women. Janira’s Perfect Day cotton and microfiber panty collection answers the call.

Janira Perfect Day panties on Lingerie BriefsThe construction of these panties is unique. Every pair is engineered with the Janira “Adapt Effect” back seam which enables the panty to sit perfectly on the buttocks without any movement.Janira Perfect Day panties on Lingerie Briefs

The renown Janira Cotton Band double tissue effect around the waist and leg openings in the microfiber group insure a more comfortable fit and a smaller appearance.Janira Perfect Day panties on Lingerie Briefs

Cover stitch finishing insures a flat surface.  Both the cotton and micro versions are available hi-waisted, low waisted and middle waisted.Janira Perfect Day panties on Lingerie Briefs

Every panty has the famed Janira terry cotton crotch piece and is available in sizes M-XL. The newest addition to the collection, the Maxi-Queen Micro briefs is available to a 3X and as been widely successful.

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  1. Marcela says:

    Oh my goodness I’m so ready to try these cute little panties! I am always looking for a new and improved panty!

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