Natural, Green and Eco-Friendly ~ Magic Bodyfashion launches Comfort Bra

Comfort Bra from Magic Bodyfashion on Lingerie Briefs

Body Hugging Bamboo is the exciting new collection from MAGIC Bodyfashion made from natural, green and eco-friendly raw bamboo fibres. The unique properties of bamboo fabric (softness, better ventilation than cotton, moisture absorbent and anti-allergenic) combined with the durability provides a perfect alternative to traditional textiles and MAGIC have made extra sure that they only use sustainable bamboo species, regularly visiting their suppliers to ensure good working conditions and reforestation.

The new collection launches in February 2019 and will consist of a Comfort Bra and matching brief as well as a Comfort Bra with spaghetti straps for those who prefer a thin strap. The products will be available in Bamboo Mocha and Bamboo Rose with more silhouettes planned for later in the year.

Comfort Bra from Magic Bodyfashion on Lingerie Briefs

The process

Bamboo fibres are reformed cellulose fibres that are made from bamboo pulp. The pulp is a natural, green and eco-friendly raw material, that can be degraded in soil and mixed with other materials (e.g. cotton, hemp, silk).

To make it strong, Bamboo textile is nearly always combined with other kinds of textile. That is because bamboo fibres are shorter than cotton fibres. By combining them MAGIC Bodyfashion BV can make sure you get a strong product.

The fibres can only be made during the viscose production process. The bamboo stems are made smaller and are chemically treated. This composition is then pressed through nozzles, which results in a thin fibre. These thin fibres are then made into yarn. And from that yarn, the fabric is made.

Comfort Bra from Magic Bodyfashion on Lingerie Briefs

Honest products

MAGIC Bodyfashion BV value honest products and do not use any endangered bamboo species. Their bamboo they use is not the same as the food for pandas; it comes from bamboo plantations in China and can easily be reforested. To ensure good working conditions they regularly visit their producers.

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