Spotlight on MAGIC Bodyfashion

Go Backless in your party dress while still feeling comfortable and secure with these backless solutions from MAGIC Bodyfashion! All our backless options will ensure your shoulders and back are completely bare, while still giving you a secure feeling. The backless bras have a soft silicone adhesive layer inside the cups that is strong enough to make sure that the bra stays in place all day & night!

Miracle Bra:

Magic BodyFashion Solutions Miracle Bra on Lingerie Briefs

This backless, strapless one piece bra is made out of soft silicone and will give you miraculous cleavage. Attach the bra to one of the breasts, ensuring the skin is clean and dry. Use your hand to lift the breast into the right position and attach the bra to the other breast. Press firmly and create a beautiful look! One size fits for any cup & bust size from size A through E. Take good care of the bra after wearing it by washing it with lukewarm water and letting it air-dry, and you will be able to wear the bra multiple times!

Magic BodyFashion Solutions Miracle Bra on Lingerie Briefs

Angel Bra

Magic BodyFashion Solutions Miracle Bra on Lingerie Briefs

Backless Beauty

Magic BodyFashiion Solutions Va Va Voom Push Bra on Lingerie Briefs

Va Va Voom Push

Magic BodyFashiion Solutions Va Va Voom Bra on Lingerie Briefs

Va Va Voom Bra


Thigh Solutions

Many of us experience our thighs rubbing together… through the body heat, and perspiration getting trapped, the thigh skin will become irritated; you can experience itchiness, burning feelings, red areas, and in some cases it can even result in blisters. If you experience these symptoms on your skin, try to keep the skin cool and use a solution to prevent the thighs from rubbing together. Luckily, we have developed a solution for that!

Be Sweet To Your Legs – Say Bye to that rubbing thigh!

This is the newest solution to prevent legs from rubbing against each other! You can now wear your skirts and dresses all summer long, without the irritation and painful skin caused by the rubbing of the thighs. We would like to introduce to you the ‘Be Sweet to Your Legs (Lace)’. This product is a band that goes around your thigh preventing any skin to skin friction. The
‘Be Sweet To Your Legs’ will stay in place without rolling up or down; due to the applied silicone trim at the top and bottom of the band. The soft and smooth fabric will make sure
you feel comfortable all day long. So, it’s finally time to… say bye to that rubbing thigh!

Tips & Tricks

Firstly, a new product we have launched is the ‘Be Sweet to Your Legs’. This product is worn around your thighs and will prevent skin to skin friction. The ‘Be Sweet To Your Legs’ will stay in place without rolling up or down, due to the applied silicone trim at the top and bottom of the band. The soft and smooth fabric will make sure you feel comfortable all day long.

Another solution to rubbing thighs, is wearing shapewear with legs. By wearing shapewear with legs, your skin will not directly rub against each other. This will prevent skin to skin friction, and irritated skin. We have a couple amazing products in our collection that will help you with any thigh rubbing issues. See more on the other side!

MagicBodyFashion as featured on Lingerie Briefs




Comfort Bra from Magic Bodyfashion on Lingerie Briefs

Body Hugging Bamboo is the exciting new collection from MAGIC Bodyfashion made from natural, green and eco-friendly raw bamboo fibres. The unique properties of bamboo fabric (softness, better ventilation than cotton, moisture absorbent and anti-allergenic) combined with the durability provides a perfect alternative to traditional textiles and MAGIC have made extra sure that they only use sustainable bamboo species, regularly visiting their suppliers to ensure good working conditions and reforestation.

The new collection launches in February 2019 and will consist of a Comfort Bra and matching brief as well as a Comfort Bra with spaghetti straps for those who prefer a thin strap. The products will be available in Bamboo Mocha and Bamboo Rose with more silhouettes planned for later in the year.

Comfort Bra from Magic Bodyfashion on Lingerie Briefs

The process

Bamboo fibres are reformed cellulose fibres that are made from bamboo pulp. The pulp is a natural, green and eco-friendly raw material, that can be degraded in soil and mixed with other materials (e.g. cotton, hemp, silk).

To make it strong, Bamboo textile is nearly always combined with other kinds of textile. That is because bamboo fibres are shorter than cotton fibres. By combining them MAGIC Bodyfashion BV can make sure you get a strong product.

The fibres can only be made during the viscose production process. The bamboo stems are made smaller and are chemically treated. This composition is then pressed through nozzles, which results in a thin fibre. These thin fibres are then made into yarn. And from that yarn, the fabric is made.

Comfort Bra from Magic Bodyfashion on Lingerie Briefs

Honest products

MAGIC Bodyfashion BV value honest products and do not use any endangered bamboo species. Their bamboo they use is not the same as the food for pandas; it comes from bamboo plantations in China and can easily be reforested. To ensure good working conditions they regularly visit their producers.

Maternity Support with Magi BodyFashion on Lingerie Briefs

From November 2018 the first four exciting products from the MAGIC Mommy collection will be available in a bid to make pregnancy and post birth a much more comfortable experience for mums!

The Mommy Comfort Nursing Bra is comfortable and made from soft, smooth fabric to avoid any irritation on the breast area. It has a regular bra closure at the back but one-handed nursing clips at the front to allow easy access for breast-feeding while holding your baby. Inlay pads in the cups allow for a nice bust shape but are completely removable for preference and it is available in black, latte, white or rose and an easy size option of S-XXL.

Maternity Support with Magi BodyFashion on Lingerie Briefs

Next up is the Mommy Supporting Belly Band which is made from the same soft and smooth fabric for all-day comfort. The band supports the baby-bump with a special under bump panel and also provides extra support for the lower back where many expecting moms experience aching. Available in  S-XXL.

Maternity Support with Magi BodyFashion on Lingerie Briefs

For legs support the new collection is offering either the Mommy Supporting Tight or the Mommy Supporting Legging. Both are a high waist design which goes over your baby bump and gives comfortable support for the belly. The tights and leggings are 80 denier with a matte look and can be worn not only in your pregnancy but afterwards as well. The options are n sizes S-XXL.

Extra products are being introduced to the range next year, so it will be a great collection to keep an eye on  – providing all over body support for mums both before and after birth.

Maternity Support with Magi BodyFashion on Lingerie Briefs


Time to dream with MAGIC Bodyfashion Dream Invisibles

The latest innovation from MAGIC Bodyfashion®, the leaders in total body solution accessories, is the new Skin tones collections of underwear. The super comfortable Dream Invisible Hipsters and Thongs will be available in a range of skin tones to match with the customers own skin tone. The Dream Invisibles Hipster and Thong are available in White, Rose, Crème, Latte, Mocha and Chocolate and there are also gifting options with special carry cases available for the party season.
The MAGIC Bodyfashion® shapewear wardrobe is made up of several collections of varying strength and shaping compressions. One of the bestselling ranges is the ‘Lite and Comfy’ as seen below which is made from an ultra-sheer and breathable fabric that looks luxurious, fits comfortably and shapes beautifully ensuring clothes will hang smoothly on the wearer. Don’t be fooled by the name, although it’s called ‘Lite & Comfy’ this refers to the products look and feel not its performance. It’s a powerful collection delivering a medium shaping compression.

‘Lite & Comfy’

Another MAGIC Bodyfashion® top seller is the ultra-feminine Super Control Body. Made from a luxury but lightweight soft mesh material with a strong elastic function the body provides strong shaping to the stomach and hips. You can wear your own bra with this silhouette meaning that you won’t inadvertently flatten your breasts while taming your tummy. Now available in a gorgeous blueberry colourway with lashings of indulgent stretch lace this is a piece you won’t mind being caught in.

Super Control Body

For those looking for a little extra shaping power the Maxi Sexy Shapers are the Firm Control collection of the MAGIC shapewear® wardrobe. Made from a comfortable smooth fabric which will shape your tummy, back and waist, all the items in this collection are available up to a size 4XL.

Maxi Sexy Shapers

The MAXI Sexy shaper collection includes a Control skirt, a Hi-Bermuda, Hi-Brief and a Tummy Squeezer while there is a Maxi Tank Top, Maxi Bodybriefer and Maxi Sexy Dress slated for release this month so whatever you need and whatever your outfit MAGIC Bodyfashion® have you covered. For the full collection of MAGIC Bodyfashion control solutions please visit