Janira Cotton Band ~ No Visible Panty Lines Ever!

Janira Cotton Band Panties - No visible panty lines ever! Featured on Lingerie BriefsJanira’s Cotton Band Panty collection beats all competitors in truly avoiding VPLs (Visible Panty Lines)!

Janira’s unique Cotton Band technology uses a higher percentage of extreme-stretch polyamide along the edges, creating a completely seamless look that is unmatched by competition. Plus they are supremely beautiful and offer extreme comfort.

Made with soft, stretch cotton, the Janira Cotton Band Panty is extra-comfortable. They stay put when you move, and provide the perfect fit in both the front and back. No more pinching, and no more lines!  Plus they’re better than a laser cut (because it holds in place thanks to the extra polyamide – without showing any lines).

You won’t notice any visible panty lines, and neither will anyone else!

Janira Cotton Band Panties in three gorgeous styles - featured on Lingerie Briefs

Three gorgeous styles: High-waist Brief, Brislip Brief and Bikini Brief all available in white, nude and black, in sizes S-XXL.

All Janira Panties feature their FAMOUS 100% COTTON TERRY GUSSET which is recommended by Gynecologists, it regulates the PH, is absorbent, breathable and eliminates odor. All Janira Panties feature their FAMOUS 100% COTTON TERRY GUSSET

No visible panty lines with Janira Cotton Band collection - featured on Lingerie Briefs


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