Look One Size Smaller! Janira Secrets Body Shapewear

sexy and supportive Janira Secrets Shapewear - High Waist, featured on Lingerie BriefsWith the holidays right around the corner, now is the time to shop for the best shapewear on the market. It’s no longer a secret… Janira, the esteemed shapewear brand from Barcellona, Spain has the most beautiful, slimming and invisible shapewear pieces for every outfit! Collection is aptly named Secrets Figure – no one will know but you!

Their high waist shaper ~ Silueta Forte Secrets offers strong support with extremely flat and gorgeous lace that hugs your middle and rear in comfort. sexy and supportive Janira Secrets Shapewear - Silueta Forte Secrets, High Waist, featured on Lingerie BriefsJanira developed a fabric with using the highest technology and calling it “Sensitive” – this means that this fabric is lightweight, yet firm enough, comfortable and most important being breathable to the wearer. Secrets Figure pieces are all available in in black, nacre, dune and nile in sizes S-M-L-XL.sexy and supportive Janira Secrets Shapewear - One piece Body shaper featured on Lingerie BriefsJanira Secrets Body Figure is not only sexy, it securely offers all over shaping, perfect when wearing that sweet, clingy dress to the office party! No one will know, as it’s virtually invisible under clothing plus it’s breathable with lacy sideslings.

Janira Secrets Culotte Silueta Secrets are stylish high risers that extend down the leg - featured on Lingerie BriefsFor a big more thigh shaping, the Culotte Silueta Secrets are stylish high risers that extend down the leg. Controls love handles and make you look a size smaller. Leading-edge fabric used will ensure a shapely waist and abdomen and slim your thighs. Tanga effect. No visible panty lines.

Janira Secrets Slip Form girdle - featured on Lingerie BriefsJanira Slip-form Secrets Figure (aka Belly Up Secrets Figure) offers perfect seduction and shaping effect similar to a stylish girdle, formed fabric in the entire panty has continuous slimming effect. Tightens the butt and compensates for bumps on the buttocks and lumbar area. Seduction with flower design & Plumeti tulle: breathable, lovely and ultra-slim.

For wholesale information – contact Stivell Diffusion Inc.

Look a dress size smaller with Janira Secrets Figure Shapewear!


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