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By ELLEN LEWISLe Mystere Velvet Mesh Collection- shipping in 2021 as featured on Lingerie Briefs

A few weeks prior to the pandemic shutdown, I was scheduled to visit the Komar headquarters in NJ to work with the Le Mystere team on an idea sparked during the Curve NY show in February: Technology and its impact on innovation in Lingerie. I was inspired, initially, by their presentation of the new Velvet Mesh Collection (above) using Sens-Elast technology, now on hold for later delivery next year. It was that collection that reminded me of 3D engineering.

Obviously, this meeting never occurred, at least not on site. But in a conference call with Senior Designer Christina Lord, the discussion moved forward. In fact, Christina’s input, featured here, may not be a video interview, but it is a testimony to the entire future of our industry. Her words confirm my belief that in lingerie, “newness” is seeded in the materials market where innovative technology feeds the imagination of talented bra designers.

A wireless with a sleek, light as air aesthetic. Using super plush demi cups offer fit flexibility with 2-way stretch foam that contours to the natural shape of the breasts. Carefully designed with a supportive narrow frame and unique 1 piece moulded mesh outer cover that stretches to fit a variety of body types. Super soft touch voile microfiber gently hugs the body for soft, all day support.Sheer Illusion Wireless  (in stock)

Christina stated that “many women are not aware that there are many ligaments and tendons in the breast tissue that NEED some support in order not to become victims of gravity. Wearing the right bra CAN make you feel better physically AND emotionally. That is a HARD pill to swallow when we have been wearing the least amount of support possible in order to make ourselves feel good in a time when that is harder said than done.”

The team behind Le Mystere’s innovations carefully build bras by selecting fine gauge microfibers, air injected foam cups, sheer meshes with support that rival even the heaviest micros, and plush trims and laces knitted with the fluffiest yarns possible. Underwires are encased and cushioned in soft foam. Clean flat bonded edges disappear under clothing. Laminated under bust panels provide an alternative support structure. The newly sourced Sens-Elast technology (mentioned above) is an innovative way of seamlessly finishing garment edges with a velvet printing technique that completely replaces the need for traditional elastics.

“Technology often works behind the scenes in our daily lives. Often, we don’t even realize it’s there.  The same should apply to bras. The KEY is to create a garment that a woman can just put on and go. She is supported, comfortable, and feels like the best version of herself. It is not fussy, constricting, or overly designed. This is the Le Mystere DNA: sleek, sexy minimalism with clean architectural lines shaped to the natural curves of the body. The real beauty of the bra is transformed by the woman wearing it.”

Ever since Le Mystere began charting this course as it changed guard in 2012, I have been “stunned” by the innovative options offered each season. Appealing to my personal preference for simplicity, my obsession with comfort, my need for lift and support, and my respect for creative solutions, the Le Mystere brand has evolved into a showcase of modern bra innovation and design.

“The Art Challenges the Technology, and the Technology Inspires the Art”
John Lasseter



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