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Elomi Lingerie Charley underwire embroidered plunge bra in aubergine as featured on Lingerie Briefs

I have wonderful children: 2 girls and a boy. My 2 girls came first, and I thought that was it. Charlie was a surprise, delivered in July, three weeks late at 9 lbs. 11oz. I think he needed to be a Leo because from the day he was born, he has been a natural leader, in control and completely dependable. I didn’t plan for him; I already had two wonderful girls, but his steady presence has changed our lives.

When Elomi Lingerie initiated there All About Charley campaign, I thought about my son. The Charley collection has emerged as a reliable presence in the Elomi family.

Elomi Lingerie Charley underwire stretch plunge bra in aubergine as featured on Lingerie Briefs

The Charley underwire embroidered plunge bra (at top) is the offspring of the best-selling Matilda bra. It uses the same frame but has its own, charismatic personality. The amazing support, for which I can personally vouch, does not compromise its charm or its comfort factor. It is a gorgeous fashion alternative to its sister underwire plunge bra. Both versions fit 32-46 and D-JJ cups (UK sizing)

Elomi Lingerie Charley underwire moulded contour tshirt bra in aubergine as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Rounding out this family trio is the Bandless Spacer Moulded underwire bra descending from the beloved Amelia frame. Subtle lace details add personality to this t-shirt bra available 34-46, DD-HH.

Perhaps its more than coincidental that this July Elomi will celebrate these three bestselling styles by delivering them in a rich  aubergine color. Couple these bras with Charley’s retro bralette (E-HH) and frankly, all you need is Charley.


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