Here Comes The Bride at PJ Harlow®


A few weeks ago, I saw this PJ Harlow® image posted on social media and had an Ah Ha merchandising moment which I shared with owner and founder Tina McMillan. PJ Harlow® has always catered to brides. Just scroll through their Instagram and the bridal message appears. But, and it’s an important But, nowhere was there a coordinated statement of the power of the PJ Harlow® bridal products. Consider the bridal shower, the bridesmaids’ gifts, the bridal party preparations, and the bride herself. PJ Harlow’s incredible collection of sensual, soft, loungewear is an obvious solution.

PJ Harlow Wedding shop lingerie as featured on lingerie briefs

As a result of this conversation, I decided to make the point and Tina decided to create a special PJ Harlow® wedding shop, a separate on-line location for all things bridal. Five best-selling styles tell the story: Constructed in the brand’s signature rayon satin faille fabric, the Jolie pant, Mikel short and Anne Cami are combined with the micromodel supima cotton 1×1 rib knit Shala robe and Charlie tank top. Showcased here in Pearl, but just as effective in every one of the brand’s multiple color choices, these styles are recognized by fans for their generous fit (XS-XL) and extraordinary comfort. Finding new ways to present established products is how brands like PJ Harlow® continue to move forward.

PJ Harlow Wedding gifts Shala robe as featured on Lingerie Briefsphotography by @haintbluecollective

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  1. Penny Nitz-Westerman says:

    Those are bridal lingerie? My, how times have changed!

    • Ellen Lewis says:

      This is bridal lingerie for wedding prep purposes: the bridal party getting ready, a gift to bridesmaids, a comfortable travel item etc. It’s not about the wedding night

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