Intimate Intelligence: An Homage to Evelyn & Bobbie

By ELLEN LEWISEvelyn & Bobbie Defy Bra with patented EB Core Technology as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Bree McKeen of Evelyn & Bobbie featured on Lingerie BriefsI was thrilled to discover that Bree McKeen, founder and owner of the Evelyn & Bobbie brand was scheduled to speak in Paris at Jos Berry’s VIP trend presentation. I feel a personal bond to Bree, her staff and the company’s product. They deserve the accolades attributed to them, no “favoritism” involved.

True, I have become a die-hard fan, but my adulation is absolutely built on results. The brand, originally launched in 2017 pivoted to its current assortment in 2019. That’s when we initially recognized that this bra was defying the market mold. Serendipitous, the breakout product was/ is actually called Defy. Why? Because using its patented EB Core™ Lift technology, this wirefree style actually does defy gravity. I have vouched for it multiple times. I am a G-H cup, but it accommodates sizes S-3XL (up to a K cup). Fast on the heels of this pull-on style, the Beyond bra with it’s hook and eye offer as well as the Smoothing Cami with its built in Defy bra, made their debut. Today, Evelyn & Bobbie boasts 6 shapes with two on the horizon this year.

Evelyn & Bobbie Beyond Bra with patented EB Core Technology as featured on Lingerie BriefsWithout exception, the Evelyn & Bobbie business has grown exponentially since its inception. Bree’s presence in Paris and later London was prescient. The brand, already delivering to over 300 specialty stores in North America, has begun its international expansion. Up first this summer, the UK.Evelyn & Bobbie Smoothing Cami with patented EB Core Technology as featured on Lingerie BriefsHonestly, when we first reported on the astounding fit of these bralettes, I claimed that I wore them constantly around home, on errands and babysitting, even to Christmas dinner at my daughter’s home. However, bra centric that I am, I still wore underwires for business appointments. Not true anymore. The comfort level and support by-passes past hangups. I wear them all the time, including in Paris and at Curve. Maybe it was Covid. Maybe it was the comfort surge. Maybe it’s the confidence of age. Maybe it was all three. But, I think it was the intelligence inherent in this brand, its people and its innovative technology, that has put it on such an incredible upward trajectory.

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