Carol Coeho Intimates Holiday 2022 featured on Lingerie BriefsIt is with the utmost pleasure that Lingerie Briefs welcomes Carol Coelho Intimates to the Partner Spotlight family of brands. (Featured above and below are Carol Coeho Intimates Holiday 2022 Collections.)Carol Coeho Intimates Holiday 2022 featured on Lingerie BriefsThe timeless elegance of Carol Coelho Intimates was greatly revered at Curve New York in February 2022. She unveiled her masterfully crafted bridal collection just in time to capture the “I do” crowd whose weddings were canceled during the pandemic.Carol Coeho Intimates Holiday 2022 featured on Lingerie BriefsAt the expo, Carol Coelho’s unique creations received raving reviews. Numerous buyers stopped at her corner booth in search of decadent, exquisitely styled lingerie, featuring hand-crafted 3D details, opulent embroideries, and striking laces.Read More

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Curve NY as featured on Lingerie BriefsCurve NY

This Intimate Apparel Market has gone hybrid. To be very honest, it’s more complicated to preview in this post-pandemic era. The multi-faceted lingerie show landscape is now present in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Montreal. Add to this smorgasbord the plethora of virtual options and we have more venues for brand review than ever before. It’s a two-edged sword. More travel for the brands, perhaps less travel for the buyers and certainly not the entire picture in one concise sweep.… Read More

Lise Charmel Aveu en Fleur Collection as featured on Lingerie Briefs

It is the complexity of design blooming in Lise Charmel’s French atelier that sets the brand’s creative vision apart. This month, the Aveu en Fleurs Collection, reminiscent of a bountiful summer rose garden, will deliver to stores. A 15-piece arrangement of six bras, 5 panties and 4 lounge pieces, are intricately crafted into a lush lingerie bouquet of color, print, embroidery, and silk satin. The deep color palette, pink, fuchsia, cobalt blue, and prune is combined with a nine-color thread embroidery delicately applied to a transparent tulle.… Read More


Clo Intimo Abierto in Red Clay as featured on Lingerie BriefsFIRE

The reason I am always drawn to the Clo Intimo brand is because of the stories behind each collection. Clo’s ability to use these tales to amplify best-selling styles from new perspectives exemplifies a merchandising acumen perfectly in sync with the current marketing trends.

This season, the design inspiration is founded in natures four elements: fire, earth, air and water. This narrative is particularly meaningful to me. These materials are tied closely to the zodiac which is prevalent in Tarot readings. In my youth, I studied the Tarot.… Read More

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Photographed by BECKY YEE


The lingerie styles in this exclusive fashion editorial photographed by Becky Yee create an enigma. Skin-colored intimates attempt to conceal while still revealing. It’s one thing to be completely nude, but the hidden mystery of just a little something left to the imagination is even more appealing. In effect, it is an evocative suggestion of what lies beneath. It is subtle exposure, enhanced by the artistry of design.

Dorina Lingerie

The Giving Bride



Taryn Winters


Taryn Winters


The Giving Bride

See More Images by Becky Yee in Our Photo StudioRead More

Sculptresse arrival- Karis Full Cup featured on Lingerie BriefsTake a look at the latest Sculptresse arrival – Karis Full Cup, offering outstanding comfort and support without compromising on style. This brand new everyday essential features recycled elements as Sculptresse continues to push for sustainability.

Sculptresse Launches Karis Full Cup featured on Lingerie BriefsOrnate lace top cups and soft stripe fabric set this style apart and create a sophisticated and supportive look for every day wear.  A versatile hazel shade makes this the perfect addition to any lingerie wardrobe. Fully adjustable straps that offer a racerback option enable the wearer to create even more support and uplift with another styling option.… Read More


Victoria Cimadevilla Luxury Swimwear as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Is it just me, or do most bikinis and swimsuits look the same? Colors and prints vary of course, but when shopping for swimwear, I find myself trawling through the same tired silhouettes over and over. I want something different, something eye-catchingly unique!

The good news is, spectacularly-creative swimwear is out there. The bad news is that it doesn’t come cheap. All seven brands I’m sharing below are firmly in the ‘luxury’ price category. But if you want to make a bold impression at the beach or your next pool party, they definitely won’t let you down.… Read More

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