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Blush Lingerie Micro Floral Bra and Panty Set on Lingerie Briefs

Some years ago, during the period of time in which I was raising my family, fixated on my home and in the acquirement stage of my life, I decorated a small dining area of our house with very dynamic wallpaper from Clarence House in NYC. It was a vibrant red and white rose pattern set against a pitch black background. I had scoured the D & D building in the city searching for the perfect counterpoint to the rose garden that grew outside the bay windows in that room. Believe me the paper was expensive, but I really didn’t care. I was proud of the result and thought this somewhat edgy design to be very chic (it really was). Certainly it received a positive reaction from many. But the most potent memory I have of this design foray is of the reaction I received from a friend when she came by to see it: total silence. I was surprised by my disappointment until I realized that the unconventional is not always understood even when it is charismatic.

Clarence House wallpaper print framing Blush Micro Floral bralet on Lingerie BriefsClarence House wallpaper print framing Blush Micro Floral bralet

This floral print from the Blush Lingerie Summer 2018 micro collection became a Proustian moment for me resurrecting the memory of that push back that had receded into my past. Atypical for intimates, this print speaks to a bold merchandising statement for which Blush has been recognized in the past. Engaging in innovative marketing strategies this brand is always attempting to identify new channels of business.  This microfiber bra is a perfect counterpoint in a summer wardrobe.  A soft layer transcending the traditional underpinnings code, it may not be the expected, but it is certainly interesting. Juxtaposed here on an existing Clarence House print, this may not exactly reflect the rose laden pattern that I remember, but it certainly makes the point

“Time, Which Changes Things, Does Not Alter the Image We Retained of Them”  Marcel Proust


page-one1aEnsconced here in sunny Mexico, veteran north-easterner that I am, it is sometimes difficult for me to remember that the holidays are upon us. That’s not to say that there are no festivities, because of course there are. But one doesn’t really witness it from every direction quite like in North America.  However, a sure fact is the transformation that occurs nightly in Cabo San Lucas as the town becomes a hive of parties and revelers are very prevalent.  Girls are all dressed up, going to bars and clubs and dancing into the early morning hours. I am guessing that Christmas week into New Years; the scene will be revved up a notch. Even though I don’t imbibe, I am way more into the laid back Cabo of early sunrise and pink flooded sunsets, I must admit that warm weather nightlife here is very conducive to crossover lingerie. Seems like … ...Read more

Anticipation ~ Blush Lingerie

162903711491613784_QN1nXU9g_cI have returned to the East Coast having been catapulted back to reality from paradise.  Clearly the holidays are upon us.  Trees are up, retailers are stocked with X-mas paraphernalia and the race has begun.  Even though all the big stores in Cabo had a similar transformation from Halloween to Christmas, literally in the beginning of November, it’s not easy for a veteran north-easterner to feel the vibe while shopping in a bathing suit and cover-up.  I am definitely aging myself, but I remember those heady retail years when November was business as usual.  We went home for Thanksgiving and came back to a fully transformed Santa land.  Black Friday was the starting line.  The work day stretched into 12 hour marathons and 6 day weeks (sometimes 7).  We were geared up with expectations of an exciting sale’s season.  For me, this fervor was my adult experience with the very … ...Read more

Pear Trees blooming in Stamford Ct photographed by Ellen Lewis on Lingerie BriefsThere is something almost poetic about the flowering pears outside my bedroom window and the way they juxtapose with the naked bark of every other tree on the street.  Clearly we are finally at the fulcrum of winter’s last breath and springs rebirth.  It’s the dichotomy that intrigues me.  The clarity of light and the crystal blue skies belie the frost bitten nights.  The earth remains brown and wet even as daffodils and forsythia etch promise into the landscape.  As we discard winter’s cocoon, spring’s emergence seduces the imagination. In this seasonal transition, as opposite natures converge, anticipation is everywhere.

The minute I saw the True Charm bodysuit, I was convinced that Blush had perfectly captured the essence of this cyclical moment. The reconciliation of the pale dotted microfiber front and the semi sheer ivory lace back recalls the vision of those delicate ivory petals surrounded by still bare branches.  … ...Read more

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