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From across the pond, Jessica Prebble, founder and creative director of Tutti Rouge, skypes with Deedee Crosland and shares her stories and career path to developing this super successful, fun and flirty lingerie brand.  Their mission is: Beautiful Bras for Curvy Girls in sizes 28-38 D-HH and everything in between. Also Jessica’s launching Rougette, an exciting new, fuller-figure sister brand… (She also shares some very amusing stories!) Listen to find out… Enjoy!

Listen to Deedee’s interview with JESSICA PREBBLE

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This Audio Brief is re-broadast from The Lingerie Stories hosted by Deedee Crosland.

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Lara Smith ~ Lusomé Interview with Deedee Crosland

Enjoy Deedee Crosland’s in-depth and fascinating chat with special guest Lara Smith the creator of Lusomé. Lara shares how after years of research and development, Lusomé was launched to help women that experience night sweats find stylish comfort during slumber.

Lusomé is a beautifully designed sleepwear brand using the most innovative moisture management technology possible for naturally blended fabrics. Lusomé with Xirotex™ provides women with revolutionary moisture management in luxuriously soft fabrics expertly engineered for ultimate comfort.

Listen to Deedee’s interview with LARA SMITH

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Deedee Crosland treats you to an audio interview with the extraordinary silk lingerie designer/owner; Christine Morton of Christine Lingerie. Christine is recognized world-wide for her exquisite silk lingerie and extraordinary prints. She shares stories from her decades-long career and her mission to make women look and feel beautiful by creating pure silk lingerie and loungewear using the most luxurious fabrics. Made in Canada and available world wide.

Listen to Deedee’s interview with CHRISTINE MORTON

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Deedee’s love and knowledge of lingerie, her passion for storytelling and connecting with people through podcasts and video can also be seen and heard at The Lingerie Stories.
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In this Audio Brief, Ellen Lewis shares her own personal take and impressions of the Paris shows. She talks about why she feels it’s important that she goes to Salon International de la Lingerie and Interfiliere and offers an in-depth recap of her recent experience. Deedee Crosland’s interview explores what Ellen looks for in new lingerie and swimwear trends, fabrics and how the industry is influenced.

Listen to the interview with Ellen on her in-depth, personal recap
of the Paris Lingerie Shows.  Click below…

Deedee’s love and knowledge of lingerie, her passion for storytelling and connecting with people through podcasts and video can be seen and heard at The Lingerie Stories.Read More


Deedee Crosland conducts a fascinating interview with the very talented Tina Wilson, Lingerie Briefs’ new “Fashion Illustrations” columnist.

Tina is currently a co-founder and creative director of Marronage  – a wearable and non wearable brand launching early 2017 that will take you on a journey far from unfulfillment and into a world of inspiration, beauty and community.  Tina’s impressive career history will have you captivated, star-struck and eager to hear her journey throughout this podcast.  She talks about her extensive design career working with renowned brands such as – Calvin Klein , Donna Karan, Christian Dior, Oscar de la Renta, Betsey Johnson and many more!… Read More


This month Deedee Crosland and I decided to chat about why some bras cost so much. Sharing our expertise with The Lingerie Stories, we are continuing our this month’s insights into the world of lingerie.

Listen to the interview with Ellen about “Why Some Bras Cost So Much”  click below…


 Deedee’s love and knowledge of lingerie, her passion for storytelling and connecting with people through podcasts and video lead to the creation of The Lingerie Stories.Read More

Deedee Crosland & Ellen Lewis Podcast Interview on Lingerie Briefs

Recently, I had the opportunity to chat with Deedee Crosland, owner and publisher of The Lingerie Stories, an inclusive digital community that explores the intimate apparel industry. This podcast is an interview she produced from our discussion revealing insight into my career and the industry of which I have been a part for the past 30 years. We at Lingerie Briefs are particularly excited by Deedee’s venture into this growing social community. In fact, this podcast is the first of many to follow as she begins her partnership with Lingerie Briefs to bring you more thought provoking subject matter in the world of intimate apparel.… Read More

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