“The customer is always right”. This slogan has been the driving force behind good retailing since commerce began. Back in the 70’s, at the onset of my career with Federated Department stores, it meant, primarily, take back anything the customer tries to return, no matter how noxious. Today, responding to the customer, requires a much greater focus, a deep dive into analytics that scan the globe for validation. This is the lifeblood of The NPD Group, who hunt and gather consumer purchasing statistics to help the industry clarify customer desire.… ...Read more

By Ellen Lewis

Timing is everything and so, even though I have been “chomping at the bit” to feature the Maison Lejaby Joli Coton collection ever since I saw it, I had to respectably wait. Obviously, the events of the past few months have halted any cruise, beach, or other vacation plans.

Maison Lejaby Joli Coton demi bra as featured on Lingerie Briefs

But now summer is officially here.  And Jolie Coton, a range of pure white cotton bras and panties that easily cross over to outdoor wear, is a perfect game changer.… ...Read more


Elomi Matilda Bra in Rose delivering july 2020 as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Elomi was launched in 2008 as a plus size bra brand, a much-needed collection of styles that could satisfy fit needs from 32-48, B-KK (USA P cup) and S-4X. It was welcomed by consumers with open arms and now stands as the number one plus size resource for every lingerie store that I queried. As a merchant I tipped my hat, but I never thought that Elomi could personally work for me. As a large busted, curvy woman, I have always needed bras that skew up in cup sizes above a D cup.… ...Read more


Natori Caftans as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Completely immersed in a total lockdown for almost 3 months, of course we re-directed our editorial calendar. Even though comfort was already the merchandising focus for Lingerie Briefs, cocooning was not high on my radar in February. Stating the obvious, that has changed, I believe possibly forever. In late April, I turned to Natori to reassess the caftan business for which they have long been renown. As exquisite as they are; really, they are works of art, and despite how popular they have been for eons with women of a certain style, I now believe they are mainstream essentials.… ...Read more

Clo Intimo as featured on Lingerie BriefsClo Intimo

I have had multiple conversations with specialty stores during this time during the Coronavirus lock-down. The out of the box initiatives they have launched to ignite their businesses are inspiring. The ability to rethink how to move forward has impacted us all. Attitudes are changing. New perspectives are emerging. This is exactly what we have tried to achieve with our two part ‘Still Life’ Lingerie Editorial. Stephanie Hynes, who shot these images, was challenged to capture the essence of these  styles in her home without any of the requisite photographic tools.… ...Read more

Samantha Chang Lingerie photographed by Stephanie Hynes for Lingerie BriefsSamantha Chang

As an on-line platform, even though we at Lingerie Briefs are also experiencing the ramifications of this unprecedented situation, we have been lucky to have increased our readership. We wanted to offer the brands this outlet as they navigate through this inconceivable time warp in business. 26 brands responded to our offer. As a result, we are splitting this editorial into 2 parts, today and next Wednesday, June 3.

Dita Von Teese Lingerie photographed by Stephanie Hynes for Lingerie BriefsDita Von Teese

Originally, I titled this Lingerie Fashion Editorial photographed by Stephanie Hynes “Still Life in the Time of Coronavirus”....Read more


PJ Harlow Grazer Satin Face Mask as seen on Good Morning America and featured on Lingerie BriefsI was planning to write a recap of many suppliers offering face masks options, but when I saw P.J. Harlow’s designs, I decided to zero in. There are a boatload of mask businesses debuting. Without a doubt, face masks will become an integral part of store inventories, particularly specialty operations and e-commerce. For lingerie entrepreneurs this channel is a clear win, an accessory they would be remiss not to integrate into their assortments.

In case you missed LIVE with Kelly and Ryan yesterday, where P.J....Read more

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