Patrick Nagel Art featured on Lingerie Briefs

Patrick Nagel famously immortalized the 80’s woman as powerful and provocative in his paintings. He created works of unapologetic, fierce women through bold expressions, forward fashion (however little) and punches of neon. I love the way I see his vision translating to swimwear this season. Brazilian bikinis and shield shades are flooding the gram in bright colors and the energy is through the roof! Without a doubt, it’s going to be an exciting season for swimwear…

Kristina Eugenia modeling Body Glove Neon Swimwear on Lingerie Briefs

Kristina Eugenia modeling Body Glove Neon Swimwear on Lingerie Briefs

Summer 2018 has me feeling ultra-inspired to turn up the heat. The season’s futuristic yet old school, sporty, neon trend has me ready to hit the ground running and I love the way it’s translating to swimwear. I am wearing Body Glove’s throwback collection, the epitome of the late 80‘s fitness fad. I mean, how epic is the front zipper?

1985 French Elle and the 1988 Vogue USA magazines

Simple standout comfort in hot colors ruled  the fashion pages of … ...Read more


Elisabeth Dale photographed by Mikel Healey Photography wearing Harlow & Fox on Lingerie BriefsFleur of England bra

I am trying to decide whether or not I want to attend my 50th high school reunion in September. I have to purchase tickets soon. But something is stopping me, even though a rather robust Facebook group has kept me up to date on the comings and goings of some of my best friends from that time. Truth is, I am curious, but I really don’t care. I don’t grieve for those days. I have never looked back forlorn at my past and wished to return.  Age has a way of clarifying our lives. Having passed through the hormonal surge of the 1960’s as a teenager and the 1970’s as a young woman, I am proud to admit that the best version of me began after I turned 50. Maybe its beginning horseback riding at 53, yoga at 54, starting this blog … ...Read more

Natori Bras Lighten Up


We are acutely aware that in this moment, established codes have been relinquished for a new disorder. This state extends into every cultural niche, including lingerie. Intimates layered or overtly exposed hold court with apparel designed purposely with traditional lingerie fabrics. Sizing expands. The integration of lingerie into the everyday wardrobe has infused the Intimate Apparel industry with new found growth potential. Searching for release from the conventional dictates of fashion and beauty, women are pursuing a more natural lifestyle creating a sea change in ‘acceptable’ mores.

Natori Flora unlined molded, seamless, stretch lace contour bra as seen on Lingerie Briefs

What makes the Natori product arc so compelling is that as they systematically build collections based on known successes, they continue to evolve with the current trends. You would have to be living under a rock if you are a lingerie aficionado and have are not aware of the iconic Natori feather bra. Still going strong, it has … ...Read more


Magda G. photo of Mélancolie (2012) by Albert György

I rarely allow my personal opinions into this space, but when trauma is propagated against children, I cannot hold my tongue. The last time I shared these thoughts was in the aftermath of Sandy Hook. A child should never be a pawn in adult discord. This concept is not political, it is human. What is happening with migrant families at America’s borders is shameful. A friend posted this image photographed by Magda G of Mélancolie by the sculptor Albert György on Facebook and I thought; this reflects the hole I feel in my heart today.  Summer officially begins tomorrow.  In two weeks we will celebrate the founding fathers. We MUST find a way to obliterate this incredibly unpatriotic behavior and rise up to the standards of the nation that we were born to be.

Pima & Modal PJ short set from BUp sleepwear on Lingerie Briefs

I know I am using a very macro message and drilling down … ...Read more



Cool Burst by Adolf Gottlieb at Christies on Lingerie BriefsMy first exciting encounter with the color red was at an Adolf Gottlieb art retrospective at the Whitney Museum when I was 18. Gottlieb’s Burst series changed my perspective on Abstract Expressionism. As I stood transfixed before these canvases covered with dramatic gestures and careful brushstrokes, I understood the duality of purpose he wished to convey. These paintings were alive, pulsating with intent and full of emotion. They were empowering.

Lise Charmel Dressing Floral collection in Red on Lingerie Briefs

I don’t know exactly why the Lise Charmel brand so often evokes art memories such as this for me. It is not just the technical expertise for which this French Lingerie Atelier is known. Maybe it is in the embodiment of the design process; the way each style relays a message that goes far beyond the obvious. With Lise Charmel, there is always a thought provocative story that inspires the collection. I love discussing this … ...Read more

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