Blush Lingerie Micro Floral Bra and Panty Set on Lingerie Briefs

Some years ago, during the period of time in which I was raising my family, fixated on my home and in the acquirement stage of my life, I decorated a small dining area of our house with very dynamic wallpaper from Clarence House in NYC. It was a vibrant red and white rose pattern set against a pitch black background. I had scoured the D & D building in the city searching for the perfect counterpoint to the rose garden that grew outside the bay windows in that room. Believe me the paper was expensive, but I really didn’t care. I was proud of the result and thought this somewhat edgy design to be very chic (it really was). Certainly it received a positive reaction from many. But the most potent memory I have of this design foray is of the reaction I received from a friend … ...Read more


Georgina Stretch silk long gown with Chantilly Lace in SML from NKiMode on Lingerie Briefs

Disruption, crossing borders, diversification, outside of the box: we’ve been talking about cultural upheaval for a couple of years now; on Lingerie Briefs as recently as this week’s fashion editorial. The market initially used the term ‘Athleisure’ because the trend began with casual loungewear. I dubbed it ‘Everywear’ as lingerie emerged in wardrobes and every facet of the intimate category seeped into the streets.

Paloma gimme the Night silk double georgette bias cut camisole from NKiMode on Lingerie Briefs

Now NK iMode has embraced this lifestyle trend labeling it ‘Livingwear’. I have followed this Vancouver based silk brand for over 10 years now, ever since their iconic Morgan chemise made waves in the Lingerie market. I wrote about them, not only Morgan, but also their bridal and plus size collections. They were always a market mainstay, not only for me, but countless retailers who recognized the value inherent in their collections. Then, for a while, they appeared to disappear from … ...Read more


Only Hearts Jolene printed chiffon sundress on Lingerie BriefsSome years ago, during my stint at Macy’s Corporate during which I spearheaded the emerging Private Label business, one of the categories that anchored our volume was the “sundress business”.  During the 80’s this was more than a multi-million dollar affair. It was a large chunk of our gross margin governing a huge scope of floor space. What was more interesting; this assortment of plaid, embroidered and solid smocks was seasonal, spring/summer only, making the classification even more valuable to the bottom line. Then one day, just like that, the powers that were announced the dissolution of this lucrative niche. The reason given: sundresses didn’t make sense on a lingerie floor. Poof, the profit contribution was gone and we were charged with figuring out exactly how to make it up. The gravy train had left the station.

Experiences like these have taught me a valuable merchandising lesson: … ...Read more

By HELEN MASTERS ~ London Briefs

Pure Chemistry British Brand featured on Lingerie Briefs

I’ve never been known for being in the right place at the time – I missed Super Saturday at the iconic 2012 London Olympics, was out of the country at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and have never been able to get membership to Mahiki…  However, recently for possibly the first time in my life I have found myself in exactly the right place at exactly the right time – and not once, but twice!  Where, pray tell, I hear you ask, and when? Let me explain…

Right place right time #1 – Windsor, UK on Saturday 19 May

Yes, that’s right, as a proud resident of Windsor in the UK, I had a front row seat to the wedding of the year – the delightful union of Prince Harry and the gorgeous Meghan.  And what more fitting way than to kick off my new … ...Read more

By Ellen Lewis

Helen Masters editor of London Briefs on Lingerie BriefsIn her Audio Briefs column yesterday, Deedee Crosland interviewed Helen Masters, owner of Pudding Lingerie, a British based consultancy service focused on intimate retailers and brands. Helen’s career spans many years in the Lingerie business including an 8 year ownership of an award winning boutique in which she was renowned for her bra fitting expertise.  You can learn more about Helen’s extensive lingerie industry credentials on the Podcast. Today, at Lingerie Briefs, we are announcing that Helen Masters joins our team as the editor of a new column, London Briefs, launching tomorrow, 5/30/2018, in which she will share her expert insight into UK brands, events, retailers and more. We are thrilled to have Helen on sight in the British market, a market in which the nuances, technical expertise and innovative design, I believe, stands at the helm of modern product development. We welcome her participation  and … ...Read more

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