Falke Mens Daily Climate Control Underwear as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Bullseye! FALKE hits the target with their Daily Climate Control Underwear program. Although available for both men and women, I am inspired here to focus on the men’s collection. I have not tried the product personally, but my husband has. Based on his reaction when returning from the gym the other day and the luxurious hand feel of the fabric, I can honestly say, FALKE has done it once again.

Falke Mens Daily Climate Control Underwear as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Soft, malleable and with a modicum of stretch, this material is a combination of Egyptian cotton, viscose and elasthane.… Read More


Hanky Panky Printed Signature Lace bralette & panties as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Visiting the Hanky Panky® showroom has always been a panacea for me. This is mainly because the minute I enter, I find myself embraced in a spectrum of color and light most appreciated when forging through the concrete caverns of the NYC market.  To quote myself some years ago.

Visiting their showroom is a sojourn in a garden of intimate delights. Born and bred in the intensity of the New York apparel industry, they are an ever-blooming light in a sea of sameness.

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Christine Silk Loungewear Seascape as featured on Lingerie BriefsSeascape

I am certainly not the first person to use the term “wearable art”. However, season after season, when I see the Christine collection, this is the only phrase that comes to mind. I am sure it’s because Christine, artist that she is, designs the prints herself. Applying them to a canvas of luscious silk from which she creates her signature loungewear shapes, she has, through the years, curated a legacy of lingerie masterpieces worthy of investment.  Crafted with the technical expertise of a highly skilled tailor, and rich in color, these pieces are generously sized OS, P-XL.… Read More


Shell Belle Couture Bridal Lingerie as featured on Lingerie Briefs

I don’t even know where to start when describing the Shell Belle Couture bridal brand. It’s an exquisite, showpiece of excellence, a cornucopia of lingerie detail expertly sewn, and a true paradigm of intimate design. In today’s world held hostage by on-line media the Shell Belle Couture campaign imagery sells its story effortlessly. I can vouch that this is all true because I just saw the new Illusions of Grandeur collection and believe me, it did not disappoint. This is beauty beyond belief, each piece a singular superstar.… Read More


Fleur du Mal Men's and Women's Lingerie as featured on Lingerie Briefs

As the lingerie category seeps into the men’s underwear space, “cultural boundaries” between men’s and women’s lingerie are blurring. I’ve already reflected on this ‘percolating phenomenon” last week in my Curve NY recap. Based on the sale’s response, particularly to the more traditionally feminine fabrics, this category should not be ignored. Recently, while continuing my foray into this evolving sector, I was introduced to Fleur du Mal’s new luxe men’s collection, Fleur Pour Homme.Fleur du Homme by Fleur du Mal silk unisex boxers and smoking robe as featured on Lingerie briefs

In 2020, Fleur du Mal waded into the men’s business with their unisex silk boxers.… Read More


Lingerie Briefs Salon at Curve NY as featured on Lingerie Briefs

While I intend to showcase visual highlights mined from the Curve NY show, I have a few macro-observations I want to present. As a merchant, I am not only charged with identifying product with sales force, but also, I must sniff out shifts in consumer interest at a visceral level. This is the lingerie trade show where such vibes emerge. It is, by default of space availability, the only venue capable of accommodating mainstream brands as well as side shows valuable to retailer education.… Read More


Curve-New York which returned to the Javits Center in February, brought in some new innovations and ways to tease the buyers with new items from their collection at the burlesque salon.  We caught up with Samantha Rose, the mastermind behind bringing more interactive highly shareable moments to tease the social media crowd with the excitement of curve. It should be noted that this showcase was originally scheduled for two days. However, due to its popularity additional brands requested stage time.

Can you introduce yourself and tell us what you do at Curve?Read More

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