By ELLEN LEWISBra30 tank tops as featured on Lingerie Briefs

At the moment, it’s probably not particularly politic for me to use the word hero in reference to a lingerie product, but I am a merchant at heart. In conversations with stores during the past few weeks, in specific, Forever Yours Lingerie in British Columbia, the Bra:30 collection has definitely been heroic. Owner Sonya Perkin’s fabulous Instagram stories portraying just how easy and comfortable these bra tops are to wear has enabled her to pay a full month’s rent with the proceeds.… ...Read more


What Katie Did vintage map lingerie collection as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Like many of us I’ve spent an awful lot of time watching television lately. One of my new quarantine favorites is Foyle’s War: a wartime mystery drama that features great fashion, ethical quandaries and fabulous female characters. I’ve always loved the practical and pretty fashions of the 1940’s and admired the sorts of creativity that were born from serious hardship. The episode I watched last night featured a female character confessing that she had taking a leftover parachute from a captured German pilot and made 6 dresses out of it!… ...Read more


Skarlett Blue Innocent Collection as featured on Lingerie Briefs

I think it is particularly prescient to focus today on Skarlett Blue’s new Innocent collection. Originally planning this blog for an April publication, it was, obviously apparent to me, that delayed deliveries, closed stores, and malleable moods required a change of direction. But, having chatted recently with a multitude of specialty lingerie stores, coupled with slow re-openings across the country, timing now seems more realistic. One fact that has surfaced is the increased consumer interest in loungewear. Although retailers are bleeding – I certainly do not want to downplay the state of affairs – many buyers have told me that loungewear business is (somewhat) holding the fort.… ...Read more


Parfait Lingerie as featured on Lingerie Briefs

We were all set to post a Parfait Lingerie Spotlight this month about the new Elissa bridal bustier; but, alas, ‘the best laid plans often go awry’. We are deep into what should have been a robust wedding season, but the Coronavirus took a full-frontal attack on the ‘old normal’. We have been forced to adapt. Those of us who changed lanes quickly have reaped some rewards. As such, Parfait lingerie, doing a 180 on their marketing plans, reset their course quickly.… ...Read more

By ELLEN LEWISLe Mystere Velvet Mesh Collection- shipping in 2021 as featured on Lingerie Briefs

A few weeks prior to the pandemic shutdown, I was scheduled to visit the Komar headquarters in NJ to work with the Le Mystere team on an idea sparked during the Curve NY show in February: Technology and its impact on innovation in Lingerie. I was inspired, initially, by their presentation of the new Velvet Mesh Collection (above) using Sens-Elast technology, now on hold for later delivery next year. It was that collection that reminded me of 3D engineering.… ...Read more


Wacoal B-Smooth panty and wireless bra as featured on Lingerie Briefs

A few days ago, entering week 6 of quarantine in our house, my husband came into the kitchen and announced he had just dressed for the day. He was wearing his bathrobe.  I was a bit perplexed, so he explained that he had just put on clean underwear. This actually inspired me to write this blog about Wacoal’s extensive panty collection. Fact is, despite our at home descent into “not really dressing” every day panties still should (I hope) be a commodity requiring daily updating.… ...Read more


Guluv anti-viral hand protectors using special coronavirus protection treatment as featured on Lingerie Briefs

They may not be the typical boudoir gloves I might normally feature in a Lingerie blog, but when it comes to pro-active thinking in the time of Coronavirus, the story behind the hand protectors just launched from is at the top of my list. A few weeks ago, in conversation with lingerie colleague Tina Wilson, who, among a few other lingerie industry responsibilities, is the Creative Director for Hue brands, I learned of an innovative initiative birthed in early March at a company brainstorming meeting.… ...Read more

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