Every time I see another new style from the sassy and sexy Mimi Holliday collection, I am reminded of my youthful obsession with Bassett Licorice Allsorts, the mouthwatering bon-bon that hails from the UK.  Just as these delicious sweets take a basic confection to a whole new level, Mimi Holliday has raised the design bar for fashion intimates.  This British diffusion  label, the offspring of the luxury avant-garde Damaris brand has experienced a mega increase … Read More

Yesterday, I decided to take a short road trip and explore the general area surrounding my new home.  I was quasi familiar with this region since I really haven’t moved that many miles away from my old domain.  Personally, I find this discovery process fun.  Seemingly mundane details need to be revealed:  where to buy groceries, take the dry cleaning, get a good cup of coffee, buy gas cheap (not an option up here) and … Read More

BRIEF ALERT! On Gossamer

This Week’s Intimate Discovery:  An Established Brand Takes Its Identity To A Whole New Level

The sure sign of an Intimate brand with intent is how it establishes its niche in the market.  It has always been my opinion, that in Lingerie, maybe more than any category of women’s apparel, the fabric drives the product and consequently, defines the label.  One material that has always been part of the On Gossamer character is its … Read More

There is something very ethereal about the way spring emerges in the Hudson Valley.  As the trees begin to bloom, naked bark is slowly transformed from basic to beautiful.  In the beginning, it is if a translucent veil that floats over the branches.  Every day the scenery grows richer as light and color infuse the landscape  with an airy softness.  From bare to lush, this metamorphosis is nature’s evolution from pubescence to grace.  Until I … Read More

This Week’s Intimate Discovery:  Savvy Entrepreneurs Build A Gratifying Intimates Business

The moment I walked into Trousseau  in Vienna, Virginia and saw the gourmet chocolate counter calling my name, I knew that I was in an environment that understood how to address a woman’s needs.  A 3000 square foot consortium of lingerie, this boutique caters to bra fitting, leaving no size untested.  In 2011 alone, they sold 16,000 bras ranging from 30A to 56N
Read More

We moved yesterday; downsized from a 5 bedroom home on several acres of land to a 3 room apartment.  I am sitting on the porch of our cozy new abode situated on the Hudson River with my morning coffee.  Across the water all I see are the burgeoning trees rising from their own reflections in the NY waterway.  WestPoint Academy, poised among the greenery, adds a classy allure. The April weather is uncharacteristically mild and … Read More

Brief Preview ~ Cosabella

Retail tides are rising as the resistance to luxury goods ebbs.  Visiting the Cosabella flagship and showroom in Soho, NY a few weeks ago, I discovered an interesting retail tidbit that set off my merchant’s radar.  Cosabella has noticed a real sea change in their business:  Customers are focusing on product in lieu of price. Only a short time ago, it was all about the cost of an item.  Now the priority is in the … Read More

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