exhibitAN INTIMATE VISION: “Paris Je T’Aime ~ Midsummer Dream”

I have been in love with Paris as long as I can remember. Being here is a wish come true, and in July the city, minus a few locals, is as spellbinding as ever.  The trade fairs are over, but while stepping away from the trend forums, why leave the city? The month is bookmarked by two quintessentially French events, steeped in pride and pageantry. . … Read More

It is HOT in New York.  Long, languid, sultry days have left us wilting in their wake.  It feels like jungle stew and there hasn’t been much relief.    If we have to live in this torrid climate, a little provocative nighttime diversion would be nice.  Leave it to Betsey Johnson to design a summer sleepwear collection replete with exotic animals, tropical gardens and breezy light fabrics to provide a creative escape. No one does eclectic … Read More

footstool-(1)One of my oldest memories as a child, although slightly blurry, is visiting my grandparents for Sunday dinner at their summer home in Neponset, NY.  The house was a weather beaten 3 story clapboard with a wraparound porch anchored by giant blue hydrangea bushes and filled with rattan furniture, the casual beach décor of another time.  Everything inside and out was a testimony to their era, genteel and aged as fine things were handed down … Read More

flashback-historical-appliques copyLINGERIE THAT LINGERS: “The Renaissance of Appliqué”

Putting together my last few posts it was hard not to see a distinct trend emerging, the revival of the appliqué.  I think handmade brands like Honeycooler and Knickerocker (both coincidentally from California) are pioneering some of the most innovative and inventively playful design. Then, I started to take note of more established luxury brands:  Carine Gilson and La Perla . . . . .READ Read More

Happy Birthday America


“”Those who won our independence believed liberty to be the secret of happiness and courage to be the secret of liberty.” ~ Louis D. Brandeis
“The United States is the only country with a known birthday.”
~ James G. Blaine 
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We are in the heart of summer now.  July 4th surrenders us to hot languid days, off shore breezes and evening thunder storms.  The best feeling is not to feel burdened at all: light clothes, whisper soft, airy, almost bare.  I, who am in constant search for panties that perform without fanfare, and are feminine and delicate as if they are not really there, have found the perfect pair.  On Gossamer’s nylon mesh briefs … Read More

Easy_Vanilla_Ice_Cream-3-detailAN INTIMATE VISION: “Intimate Secrets of a Harlem Heights Mansion”

My summer meanderings in Harlem, the hippest destination of savvy globetrotters, were long overdue. My stars were lining up. An enticing underpinnings exhibit lured me into the oldest New York residence just above Sugar Hill, The Morris-Jumel Mansion.  I always wanted to teleport myself into another place and time in an instant.  I had my lucky break. I felt like Alice in Wonderland … Read More

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