This Week’s Intimate Discovery: Technology Enables A New Brand Of Smart Panties

Several years ago, I began to hear rumblings in the market about a niche panty opportunity that had recently emerged: a product developed  to eliminate moisture and odor issues.  I was fairly certain that this concept would be supported primarily in pharmacy locations and was a bit surprised when I began to be approached, in fact, by several entrepreneurs, interested in developing … Read More

This is a very chaotic time for me, one of those crazy shifts in life’s equinox that can paralyze or energize, depending on perspective.  For sure it is a crucible of stress.  I am selling my home, full of 40 plus years of “stuff”, and downsizing big time.  There are only a few weeks left to liquidate and the process morphs daily.  I have decided to go greener, eliminate the excess and focus on the … Read More

This Week’s Intimate Discovery:  A Classy New Brand Adds Interest To The Lingerie Market

Every time I traveled to Paris during my corporate working years, I would visit the Anne Fontaine store in order to add another style to my collection of these exquisitely tailored classic white shirts.  They became an essential part of my everyday uniform. That is why I was drawn to the Elizabeth Daniel NY brand at the CurveNY Lingerie show … Read More

Recently, I read an interesting article in Time Magazine about the artist, Damien Hirst. As a pioneer of the contemporary British Art movement, he is recognized for his controversial approach to modern art and his shocking subject matter. First and foremost, he is an expert at getting attention; he understands that the power of presentation reigns supreme.  The article highlighted his series of Spot paintings, intricate grids of symmetrically arranged identical orbs whose colors never … Read More

Just a short note to let you know that we have just initiated a new venue on Lingerie Briefs called Consumer Briefs.  Take a look under our Extra! tab on the main toolbar.  If you have tried a product that you love, just post a review here and tell us why, because we value your input.  We will mention the brand and your name (if you wish), as well as the store where … Read More

This Weeks Intimate Discovery:  Hot, New Designers Arrive At The Lingerie Designer Showcase

There is nothing quite as satisfying as the discovery of new talent and for that I thank the Lingerie Designer Showcase trade show that took place last week at the AKA Hotel Residences in NYC.  This nascent show, Indie in its own right, showcased 10 brands of emerging Intimate artists who are just spreading their wings.  There were a host of … Read More

Shifting Perspective ~ CURVENY

You know something is a trend when its synergy begins to creep into your daily conscious.  I am not sure why or how, but I sense a sea change in our cultural atmosphere:  a slow shifting of the tides.   It was apparent at the Paris shows and reinforced again last week at CURVENYThere is always a broad sweep of interesting ideas, but I like to zero in.  Nothing spoke louder to me … Read More

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