Pear Trees blooming in Stamford Ct photographed by Ellen Lewis on Lingerie BriefsThere is something almost poetic about the flowering pears outside my bedroom window and the way they juxtapose with the naked bark of every other tree on the street.  Clearly we are finally at the fulcrum of winter’s last breath and springs rebirth.  It’s the dichotomy that intrigues me.  The clarity of light and the crystal blue skies belie the frost bitten nights.  The earth remains brown and wet even as daffodils and forsythia etch … Read More

Revelation-Navy-Light-Blue-Full-Cup-Plunge-12R321Last fall when Simone Pérèle introduced Révélation to the market, I thought it was an interesting premise, interesting enough to actually write a story about this sumptuous intimate’s collection.  This is the company’s first foray into lingerie sized specifically for a full busted woman.  I thought it noteworthy that this brand, so quintessentially French in its intent, had finally found a voice for the full busted woman.  On a personal note, it has always been … Read More

Timeless ~ Christine

feather-broochIt’s funny how the generations roll over on each other.  There seems to be this timeless lock, inexplicable in its emotional impact, but clarified by the familial items that anchor our memories. I have been thinking a lot about my mother since my grandson was born.  She was such a wonderful grandmother: we used to call her Mary Poppins. There she would be, crawling on the floor under a card table fort in her perfectly … Read More

Show Your Colors ~ Timpa

feather pens from Pylones on Lingerie Briefs

One of my all-time favorite stores is Pylones, a brand I first discovered in Paris eons ago when I happened into this shop exploding with color, fun ideas and lots of originality.  My first purchase was feather pens for everyone I could think of.  Now this iconic gift shop is in NYC and I pass it all the time traveling through Grand Central Station.  It’s Years later, but the pens are still there, even as … Read More


Recently, my husband and I took a leap and built a home in Mexico, which, as you can imagine, needed to be furnished. We have an understanding about communal purchases: he has very little say regarding décor issues, and lots of input on anything technical.  I am all about comfort and style.  He analyzes every stitch expecting maximum structural integrity at the best possible price. But when it came time to choosing a mattress for … Read More

Today I had lunch with my 89 year old friend, Roslyn Harte.  Roz is still on top of her game as she Rosalyn Hartecelebrates her 58th year in the Lingerie Industry.  A pint size design legend with an outsize heart of gold, she is not one to mince words and is a force to be reckoned with. It’s never a good idea to get in her cross-hairs. After we attended the Doneger Trend presentation and … Read More

Since we created the Lingerie Briefs platform, it has been my sole objective to perpetuate intelligent artistic vision within the intimate world of the feminine psyche.  Having devoted my career to the discovery of product that achieves this mission, I hope that that our insights into the brands that share our goal continue to inspire all of my readers.

Because we are so pleased with the response that we have had, and because we are … Read More

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