BRIEF ALERT! Bettie Page

This Week’s Intimate Discovery:  Secrets In Lace reveals an Iconic Collection

For several years now I have been an admirer of the Secrets In Lace e-commerce site.  It’s not only that I am impressed with the clear merchandising message, but also the methodical approach to building a niche identity that owner, Dan Whitsett has achieved.  Founded as the go to site for authentic 100% nylon stockings, Secrets In Lace has expanded into a retro-haven … Read More

A Star Is Born ~ Curvy Kate

Time has a way of teaching us.  In my 20’s my definition of success was to have my picture on the cover of Time Magazine.  I wanted recognition and I equated it with fame.  The idea of being the center of attention in a room full of strangers was a lustful objective.  In my youthful naivety, I did not understand that true fortune was not born from noisy laurels, but rather from instructive council.  … Read More

BRIEF ALERT! Flirt Boutique

This Week’s Intimate Discovery:  Savvy Midwest Shop Zeros in on Soft Cup Bras

I had a great discussion with Jessica Gerard, owner of Flirt Boutique in St. Paul, Minnesota yesterday.  She emailed me to report the surge in her soft cup bra business.  She says that every new soft cup bra she receives “comes in and is gone”.  Sales of this category have escalated from 4 a month to 4 a week.  Flirt is … Read More

Honestly, I truly hope that what they say about events happening in threes is true, because after this week-end, I have had enough!  First, the airline lost my baggage, which is unbelievable since it was a carry on that I door checked and watched being ferried down the jet way.  It’s still not back, 2 days later.  Then, I drafted this week’s Brief on Saturday, but on Sunday morning, when I turned on my laptop, … Read More


This Week’s Intimate Discovery: An Inspirational Brand Debuts in the Intimate Active-wear.

My discovery of Red Daisy™, the nascent intimate active brand, is more than a mere coincidence during this month’s highlight on Breast Cancer.  This sophisticated sports collection, conceived by Phylise Sands in honor of both her sister and mother’s fight against this debilitating disease, is dedicated to funding research 365 days a year to this ongoing battle.  Launching at retail this … Read More

One year ago this month, I lost my sister-in-law to Cancer.  I had an unlikely friendship with Celeste.   She lived a rural lifestyle in the Adirondack Mountains while I sought the global pulse generated by my NYC base. We steered through 35 years of family trials and tribulations together forming a filial bond. But when Celeste was 47, she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and I was confronted with the potential of death.  I was … Read More


This Week’s Intimate Discovery: A Quintessential French Brand Renews Itself.

When I was young, I was infatuated by everything French.  I learned the language, studied the art, lived there for a brief respite and was particularly pleased that my career required travel to Paris for the sole purpose of looking at exquisite lingerie.  My first stop on every shopping excursion was always Bon Marché, a great microcosm of the crème of the French Intimate … Read More

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