This week’s Intimate Discovery: Retro-Saucy underthings hand tailored to fit your curves

I love visiting Journelle in NYC. It’s a virtual gallery of elegant lingerie by  Indie  as well as established designers and visiting the boutique often satisfies my perpetual search for new talent.  Last time I was there I found Fortnight Lingerie, launched in 2010 by Toronto based designer Christina Remenyi.  Artfully tailored to respect a woman’s natural curves, these undergarments are a … Read More

Lately, I have been on a classic reading binge:  Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, and Frankenstein to name a few.  I am sure I read these tomes in school, but somehow, any memory of the virtues these books possess that have allowed them to remain relevant and even gain in popularity through the generations had escaped me.  Thus, my motivation to delve beneath the antique writing style to understand the essence of the author’s … Read More

This week’s Intimate DiscoverySophisticated, Loungewear Define the American Summer Style

It’s pushing 100° in New York today and I am hunkered down in my house doused in the balm of artificial air conditioning.  I much prefer the outdoors and boy do I wish I had a few pieces of the Anne Klein loungewear, delivered this spring for woman searching for the benefits of cool intimate fabrics engineered for comfort, but designed with a … Read More

When I was first introduced to the work of contemporary painter Dana Schutz, I was overwhelmed by the impact of bright fantastical color on her canvases.  I was stunned by the juxtaposition of seemingly discordant hues on a surface that seemed almost free of structure.  Immediately, I thought of the early 20th century Fauves and the shift they ignited in the art world as they liberated color from form.  But then, observing the psychological … Read More


This Week’s Intimate Discovery: Performance Lingerie enters the Intimate Apparel Market

I am very excited about my newest brand MovModa, a Performance Lingerie line that has just been launched from, where else, California.  This collection of multifunctional intimates introduces a whole new category to the Intimate Apparel world with a collection of bandeaus, unisuits and panty shorts designed in Italian maker, Eurojersey’s patented Sensitive® Nylon/Lycra® spandex shaping fabric.  Created to move seamlessly from the … Read More

Several years ago, on a family vacation in France, I took my history obsessed son on an excursion to Omaha Beach in Normandy.  His passion at the time was everything he could learn about World War II and the parent in me felt compelled to give him this opportunity.  Little did I realize the impact this memorial would have on my own familial vision.  Both my mother and my father served in World War … Read More

This Week’s Intimate Discovery: Airy Soft Panties With a Featherweight Fit

It is no secret that I am always searching for great fitting everyday basic panties.  Recently, I tried the hi-cut brief (834175) from the B-Smooth Collection by Wacoal and I am hooked.   Selling rapidly everywhere,  this underwear is destined to be an inventory classic.  Tagless and seamless, they literally disappear under  clothes, but it is the supple and soothing luxury nylon stretch fabric combined … Read More

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