Having lived through several seismic events in America’s history, I have learned a great deal about the underpinnings of our national heritage.  I remember where I was when JFK was assassinated, my ire over Vietnam, the shame of Watergate, and the shock of 9/11.  A country’s character is formed by its approach to challenges so enormous, they could not be imagined.  We may be many things in the United States, with many contradicting opinions but … Read More

wrong-bra-sizeBREAST BRIEFS: “Your Bra Size Matters Less Than You Think”

The Jockey Company introduced a “revolutionary” new bra sizing system a few weeks ago. Why? Because experts agree that 80 percent of women wear the wrong size bra. This is thought to be due, in part, to the inadequacy of the current antiquated measuring tape method of determining bra size. But does it even matter? What if women wear the “wrong” size bra for all … Read More


Actually, I had intended to post a different story tonight, but my plans went awry today and instead I am having a glass of chardonnay and focusing on being in the moment.  It was one of those days when a 2 hour hiatus for chores turned into a 7 hour ordeal.  Besides being a designated chauffeur, I was on grandma duty that evolved from a one hour commitment into 4 hours of babysitting.  Then, when … Read More

lady-in-her-swim-suit-nI grew up a few miles from the Atlantic Ocean and by the time I was 21, I had moved to a seaside community nearby, and had an apartment literally at the water’s edge.  We spent a great deal of time on the beach, on the boardwalk and in boats.  This presented a challenge for me, a lushly endowed young woman who today would be labeled a Curvy Girl.  My swimwear options were a one … Read More


In nature, there are items so fragile and still yet so strong that they defy logic.  The leaf of the Bodhi Tree is a delicate image of the earth’s power to heal. Better known in the Western Hemisphere as the Sacred Fig, it is said that that Gautama Buddha achieved enlightenment beneath its branches.  Bodhi trees are planted in close proximity to every Buddhist monastery.

Every time I visit theSkin showroom, I am reminded … Read More

How many times have you received a gift from your partner and wondered for whom it was truly meant? What about the 48″ flat screen TV, that fishing trip to Maine , or the black Olds Toronado my husband bought me years ago, which I did not want?    You might wonder how I have managed to find a home for Father’s Day in a Lingerie Blog, but I have discovered a perfect counterpoint to all … Read More


One of my first real product development successes was a series of cotton knit sleepshirts which I shamelessly admit were derivatives of both Benetton and Gap T-shirt styles I had mined during an NYC shopping excavation.  At the time the concept was considered revolutionary.  The lingerie market was a sea of pink and blue polyester.  Cotton  jersey knits in bright colors and bold prints were considered heresy.  It was 1985.  But we did it despite … Read More

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