I have never had a propensity for birds.  To me, they always provoked images of tiny flying dinosaurs.  I did not understand the great fascination with these flighty creatures until I made the acquaintance of Lily, the beautiful Moluccan cockatoo that resides at my local garden shop.   Lily lives in a large white cage, the delicate wire frame of which manages to enhance her noblesse rather than restrain it.    Lily perches her feathery soft body … Read More


This week’s Intimate Discovery A Terrific Lingerie Boutique in Massachusetts

I was in Great Barrington, Massachusetts on my way to a meeting  and had the opportunity to visit Bra & Girl, a wonderful lingerie boutique opened in 2009 and  owned by April Burch and Dan Alden.  It’s such a pleasure to walk into a store that adheres so well to the basic merchandising philosophy of “good, better, best”.  Obviously the balance of resources … Read More

The recent Tsunami in Japan has made us all think about the fragility of life, the ability of a seemingly tranquil and universal substance to transform itself into a harbinger of wrath capable of destruction and despair beyond human comprehension.  Nature has managed to remind us of the power of water and its impact on our lives.  For me, the presence of water has informed many of my life’s decisions and I have always harbored … Read More

BRIEF ALERT! Blumegirl

This week’s Intimate DiscoveryA Fun and Funky Gift Idea for Someone Special

I could not help my reaction to Blumegirl’s personalized patch thong when I recently saw this clever item.  It brought back so many memories of scouring souvenir shops with my children searching for a key chain, license plate or magnet with their name on it.  Now, celebrities are scooping up Stacey Blume’s panties and publicity is rampant as they are featured … Read More


There is a moment when the Magnolia blooms

These buds are there all winter

They rest cocooned in a lacey canopy

Stagnant on this tree

Me watching at the bedroom window

Perched above

Waiting for the great escape.

The petals will open this spring

Enormous bowls of silken pink

Curled into the sun

Transforming the tree and me to a place of poetry


Light has shifted in the western hemisphere and it is … Read More

This week’s Intimate DiscoveryElegance and Simplicity Enter the Robe Market

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Cynthia Varat, the creator and owner of the Louis At Home loungewear brand, launched at retail for spring 2011.  Having spent 10 years of my own career ensconced in the development and production of this core Intimate category, I recognize quality when I see it.  Made in Peru of the softest, lightweight Pima … Read More

When I was in my 20’s, my aunt moved from her family home to an apartment and gave me her glass and wrought iron garden table in order to help me furnish my first makeshift apartment.  The clean, elliptical lines of its simple base visible through a transparent surface appealed to my taste for the organic.   I liked the juxtaposition of  lightness and weight.  Unfortunately, my youthful naivety caused me to sell it for a … Read More

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