I’m up at Shirley’s lakeside cottage in New Hampshire for a few days and what a welcome respite from the hectic pace, not to mention the crazy heat in NYC.  The air is so clear here and the water so pure, I feel cleansed.  It’s the same exact quality that the new SKIN Organic Undies collection celebrates.  Designed in naturally saturated mineral colors, they are sold in a clever zip lock waterproof package that goes … Read More

During the past few weeks, events have catapulted my life into another stratosphere and it looks as if I will be moving away from my beloved Hudson Valley locale.  But that’s ok, because change is good.  I have decided to try something really new, living in a more urban environment with amenities at my doorstep.  It’s the balance between established needs and fresh perspectives that adds flavor to my life.  Time will make the new … Read More

Several months ago, I had the rare opportunity to examine the lingerie archives at The Putnam History Museum in NY with my friend Gale, Creative Director and owner of Hanky Panky.  Gale was doing research for a special vintage inspired collection she was planning that pays homage to Lingerie’s beginnings.  Her muse was the original handmade bra and panty set that launched the Hanky Panky business in 1977 and is now part of The … Read More

The past few weeks have been particularly challenging for me.  I won’t bore you with the unpleasant details.  But, I will share that circumstances have required long days of travel, living out of suitcases, multi-tasking while enduring more than the norm of stress and generally not being very focused on myself or my attire.  During this time, I’ve been truly thankful for my Montelle Absolute Plus bra. It’s been a godsend of comfort, support and … Read More

Last weekend I was eating at the Red Hat Restaurant in Irvington, NY with my daughter Kate, when it occurred to me that casual summer dining can be a form of art.  Perhaps it was the symmetry of white linens, white orchids and a full-on view of the sun setting over the Hudson that set the mood.  More likely it was the excellent white wine we were drinking while waiting for our table, relaxed in … Read More

There has been a lot of history in the media about the American Declaration of Independence this week and I am always in awe when I hear how this evolutionary and ultimately revolutionary event occurred.  Even though I knew the basics, when I read the autobiography of John Adams by David McCullough several years ago, I was moved to another level of perception.  A consortium of individuals, led by a small group of men, with … Read More

I have to leave Cabo in a few days and I am not happy about it, particularly because my husband gets to stay to oversee the house we are building here.  I just can’t figure out where the time goes and why I always pack a suitcase full of useless stuff.  The days are so leisurely. It takes hours to get going and when we finally do, it usually requires only a sundress or … Read More

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