Indulge ~ Fauve

They say that indulgence is the original sin.  I don’t agree.  When I was married, child of the 60’s that I was, I shunned the whole elaborate wedding thing.  I thought it “beneath” my bohemian lifestyle.  Of course, I was in my 20’s and I was absolutely positive that I was right.  I got married in City Hall.  I could not rationalize the point of all the material seduction that surrounded the bridal bazaar.  I … Read More

This Week’s Intimate Discovery:   Leg Dressing, Leg Art

When I was a  hosiery buyer (in a past life), it was all about pantyhose:  Stockings were a business to accommodate my grandmother’s generation.  Not anymore.   That’s why I was really pleased when, recently, I had a chance to review the StockinGirl line, a quality leg-wear brand so diverse, that the assortment can accommodate any occasion, year round.  But it was the trendy variations that this … Read More

This morning it was the tulips and the bay

Clear inside a crisp May day

Today, I feel clean, like spring

Lifted from the gray wash of yesterday

This balance between the air and water and flower

Is so fragile and holds such power

Within one hour the train will move me away

And the city tide will flow in and steal my day

Shortly after I bought the house in which I raised my … Read More


This Week’s Intimate DiscoverySummer Light Sleepwear

I have been snooping around the market looking for quality affordable cotton sleepwear that still manages to capture the mystique of true Intimate Apparel.  In other words, I wanted to find pretty, comfortable styles that pay homage to the beauty inherent in feminine details, without breaking the bank.  So, when I discovered this  airy light woven PJ set from the Vancouver based Frou Frou brand, a … Read More

Sunday was  Mother’s Day.  Regardless of how you define the relationship with your mother, it is an indelible bond, part of your DNA.  I loved my mother, fiercely, depended upon her support, and listened to most of her advice. When she tried to direct my behavior, I accepted her guidance, keeping most of my opinions to myself mainly as a gesture of respect. She was pretty good about letting me live my own life, … Read More

This week’s Intimate DiscoveryPanties that are pure Bliss to wear.

I know that the Bliss Girl Brief panty from Natori is not exactly a new item in the market, but for me, personally, it’s a real discovery.  I have been searching endlessly for a cotton panty that fits my not so girlish shape with a modicum of style.   So,  it was a real pleasure when I was given style 156058 as … Read More

When my 3 children were all young, under the age of 10, I found myself in a vortex of hyper activity, constant interruption and mind bending exhaustion.  I was raising them while pursuing a full time career.  Motherhood was not exactly what I had imagined.  I thought I was prepared.  After all, I had an excellent role model, but the view is very different from the other side. It is a never ending compromise, a … Read More

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