When my eldest daughter graduated from college she embarked on a classic rite of passage and departed with her best friend for a 6 week trip through Europe.  Having saved for this journey for months, they left with only backpacks and great expectations.  On a very tight budget, it was pretty obvious that souvenirs would have to be mostly in the mode of life forming memories.  So when she returned home with nothing but dirty … Read More

When I was young, I used to give my mother a single rose on Mother’s Day.  She told me that to truly appreciate the perfection of this flower, it needed to stand alone.  Eventually this offering became a tradition and now, every time I see one, I am reminded of this extraordinary woman, her warmth, her class, her beauty both inside and out.  I have never made much of this holiday, since one day a … Read More

When I was in college, my British born boyfriend introduced me to Bassett’s Licorice Allsorts.  Every time I see this confectionery mixture I have a Proustian moment.  It forever brings me back to those halcyon days when I was captivated by him and the possibility of changing the world.  It was the late 1960’s. We were fresh, earnest and very serious about our futures; we had no idea how joyous our lives really were.  It … Read More

Every once and awhile I like to focus on an artist whose dedication to her vision raises the bar for women.  Defying the status quo is difficult in a commercially charged world, but Marlies Dekkers has proven her metal by standing firm in her desire to express her own personal perception of Intimates.


Doing so, she has pushed the envelope of bra design, introducing the concept of brave exposure to the Lingerie collective.  Pioneering the … Read More

Pear Trees blooming in Stamford Ct photographed by Ellen Lewis on Lingerie BriefsThere is something almost poetic about the flowering pears outside my bedroom window and the way they juxtapose with the naked bark of every other tree on the street.  Clearly we are finally at the fulcrum of winter’s last breath and springs rebirth.  It’s the dichotomy that intrigues me.  The clarity of light and the crystal blue skies belie the frost bitten nights.  The earth remains brown and wet even as daffodils and forsythia etch … Read More

Revelation-Navy-Light-Blue-Full-Cup-Plunge-12R321Last fall when Simone Pérèle introduced Révélation to the market, I thought it was an interesting premise, interesting enough to actually write a story about this sumptuous intimate’s collection.  This is the company’s first foray into lingerie sized specifically for a full busted woman.  I thought it noteworthy that this brand, so quintessentially French in its intent, had finally found a voice for the full busted woman.  On a personal note, it has always been … Read More

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