Usually, we highlight an Indie  brand in our Design Lab, but after I discovered  Lilipiache, I decided to make it a feature. This new collection is the loving creation of three Japanese Fashion School friends who have a reverence for French leaver’s lace, which is the cornerstone of their design aesthetic.  Integrated with luxury fabrics, these styles are conceived to emulate the delicate underpinnings of an exquisite  flower. They are modern intimates; sexy … Read More

Anyone who knows me knows of my obsession with all things Equine.  Truthfully, thoroughbred racing is not my favorite part of Equestrian sport; the monetary focus so dominates that I feel as if the true essence of the horse’s majesty somehow gets lost in the hubbub.  This season, however, I find myself more focused than usual as the recently unknown stallion, I’ll Have Another, races for the Triple Crown.   Surely the name fits.  From his … Read More

When I was a teenager, I was obsessed with the Archie comic book series.  I would sneak down to the Chateau Drug store two blocks from the house, spend all my allowance on Betty and Veronica dailies and hide them under the mattress before my mother came home.  I was supposed to be doing my homework.  At least she didn’t mind my dalliance during the summers.  I was allowed to take them to the beach.  … Read More

It has been crazy hot this weekend; classic Memorial Day weather, a salute to the arrival of summer. I do not know why this holiday makes me think of all things nautical; beaches, boats, lighthouses and escape, but I suppose growing up on Long Island and living so many years on the ocean watered my psyche.  The strange thing is, because of my proximity to the shore, I never really participated in the NYC summer … Read More

Euphoria ~ Elomi Swim

It has been exceptionally beautiful in NY the past few days:  no humidity, 80+ degrees, cloudless skies.  It’s the kind of weather that can just make you feel good if you stand still for a few minutes and just take it in.  I had this thought while cruising home from my brother’s yesterday , skylight and windows opened in my mini cooper; even driving on tedious route 84 could not flatten the mood.  For some … Read More

This Week’s Intimate Discovery:  A California Sleepwear Company Opens NYC Boutique 

Yesterday, while working on a project with my colleague Margaret Shrum, aka The Lingerie Goddess, we decided to take a break and visit the recently opened Bedhead PJ store located on Elizabeth Street in downtown Manhattan.  I wanted to show her my new favorite Bedhead print, New York Botanical, which is currently planted on a variety of their luscious cotton sateen sleepwear styles: … Read More

I was 17 when I first realized that the human body was much more than a science phenomenon, but rather, a work of art.  I purchased a book in Paris, which at the time, I thought was very risqué.  Aptly named La Femme, it was a photographic memoir of the naked figure and my initial introduction to a woman’s body as a visual landscape.  I was taught in art class that the torso could … Read More

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