Last weekend I was eating at the Red Hat Restaurant in Irvington, NY with my daughter Kate, when it occurred to me that casual summer dining can be a form of art.  Perhaps it was the symmetry of white linens, white orchids and a full-on view of the sun setting over the Hudson that set the mood.  More likely it was the excellent white wine we were drinking while waiting for our table, relaxed in … Read More

There has been a lot of history in the media about the American Declaration of Independence this week and I am always in awe when I hear how this evolutionary and ultimately revolutionary event occurred.  Even though I knew the basics, when I read the autobiography of John Adams by David McCullough several years ago, I was moved to another level of perception.  A consortium of individuals, led by a small group of men, with … Read More

I have to leave Cabo in a few days and I am not happy about it, particularly because my husband gets to stay to oversee the house we are building here.  I just can’t figure out where the time goes and why I always pack a suitcase full of useless stuff.  The days are so leisurely. It takes hours to get going and when we finally do, it usually requires only a sundress or … Read More

Today, I decided to take a quick run through the Puerto Paraiso in downtown San Lucas.  This mall is situated at the Marina, a mecca for detainees from the cruise ships  that anchors in the bay for a day of shopping  in Los Cabos.  I could not help my curiousity even though the whole tourist thing is not my style.  I guess it was the merchant in me, but I had to see what products … Read More

I am a bit late this week with my blog but things slow down in Cabo, and I just could not muster up the creative juices after arriving here Saturday.  Once I had downed my customary first night Margarita and Green Chile Soup at the marina, I was already elsewhere and not in a computer state of mind.  Sunday is my regular writing day, but the beach was beckoning after which I just had to … Read More

I know that Father’s Day is supposed to be all about tools and ties, but that depends on who is giving the gift.  Less we forget how the men in our lives became dads; I might suggest that one could make an argument for lingerie as the best possible celebration of your significant other on this particular holiday.  There are a slew of possibilities but I am intrigued this week with Lisa’s Folly Luxe.  This … Read More

As a child, my dad gave my sister and me a $.25 allowance.  We had to divide it up; a nickel for charity, a nickel for savings and the rest, for ourselves.  $.15 went a long way back then, particularly at a candy store.  We would ride our bikes to DuBrows in the middle of Woodmere Village and spend mega time perusing the nickel candy bars.   My target was usually a Sugar Daddy.  Here was … Read More

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