Lasting Impressions

diamond AI suppose one could say that I am a professional shopper.  Searching the market for new ideas and inspiration is a very creative process.   The best part of the journey is happening upon something brand new, which I have not seen before, that makes a clear and prescient statement and begs me to listen.   I have traveled worldwide to find source information with the potential to inform a new product or produce new business for … Read More

Body Art

tattooWhen I think about why I love lingerie, I always fall back on the concept of Body Art.  In the same way that color or shape can define a blank canvas, lingerie defines the female form.  Allowing the body to emerge, a woman’s lingerie is a personal expression of her most intimate self.  Artistic expression has always been my passion and so when I discover a new idea that addresses this feeling, I am always … Read More

I Do!

9780300116441I was married in City Hall with two witnesses present.  After the ceremony the four of us went to dinner at a beautiful local restaurant.    I could never quite grasp the point of a lavish affair and all the chaotic fanfare that accompanied the planning process.  It seemed, at the time, like an elaborate waste of money for a one night stand.   I never really grew up with the fantasy of walking down an aisle … Read More


$REC9DSHI love horses.  They are my passion and my escape.  A classic symbol of power and strength, they have served mankind throughout history with fortitude and courage.  The feeling of abandonment and freedom I feel as I cantor on the back of a 1000 pound animal who is in total sync with the subtle cues that my body delivers is my greatest pleasure.  But more important than any other sensation is the nurturing bond … Read More

flr 1During an art class that I took in college, we were taken outside on campus and told to draw a tree.  By the end of the class, I had filled the sketch pad with the furrows and shadows of one branch of an enormous oak.  For me, the experience presented itself in the details of the image.  The instructor was, in fact, pleased with this result as he explained to the class that an object … Read More

Give Peace A Chance

peace hands 1I am a product of the 60’s; on campus during the devastating drain of the Vietnam War and all the disillusionment that that decade wrought as it was catapulted from the harmony of the Beatles and the youthful promise  of JFK to the depths of  alienation and dissent.  I understand this generation’s fear and frustration with current events.  The impact is everywhere, more poignant for me, perhaps, as I witness the particular angst of my … Read More

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