Old is New Again

39stepsLast week I had the opportunity to see the very funny theatrical re-incarnation of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1935 film, The 39 Steps, at the Helen Hayes Theater on Broadway.  This award winning show manages to take an established dramatic thriller and re-invent it as a comical tour de force:  yet, it never deviates from the original script. Acknowledging several references to Hitchcock classics, this plot of espionage and murder is transformed into a brand new … Read More

Something in the Air


Thanksgiving is over. We are on the cusp of December.  There is a transformation at this time of year. The air is crisp, clean and clear. The winter solstice is near.  In N.Y.C., the Rockettes kick their way through a seamless parade of wooden soldiers at Radio City Music Hall; dancers soar through gravity defying moves in the traditional Nutcracker Suite Ballet at Lincoln Center and the famous Christmas tree, glowing with 30,000 lights,   rises … Read More

Less is More

janet-yuIt’s a great time of year to shop the Lingerie stores in NYC  to get trend direction and see innovative new product.   Last week, I took my camera to Soho and visited the usual suspects, including Kiki De Montparnasse, Agent Provocateur, Eres, and La Perla.  When it comes to exquisite lingerie, each with their own distinctive profile, these stores are inspirational, but the discovery of Jean Yu’s tiny shop and atelier … Read More

The Icing On The Cake

cup resizeIt’s November. It is getting cold and Thanksgiving is coming.  In my house this means it is time to bake my mother’s famous holiday cookies.  This used to be a favorite pastime in my family and a great way to occupy my kids as the days shortened and temperatures dropped.  But I have to admit, that lately, I am more inclined to cozy up near the fire and let someone else do the work.  I … Read More

Technical Beauty

I am a figure skating aficionado having spent many hours in ice rinks while my daughter pursuedMichelleKwan her youthful dream of becoming an ice skating star.  We have been watching the current figure skating Grand Prix in anticipation of this year’s Olympic team.  Figure skating is a beautiful and enchanting sport.  Elegant costumes, rapturous music and exquisite moves across the ice belie the hours of practice and physical endurance required to produce a flawless result. … Read More

Remain Ageless

Copy2of2u9lg821When I saw this purple plaid version of the Demi Desire bra and panty set from b.tempt’d, it brought to my mind heather fields and Scottish moors. It ignited a childhood memory.

As a young girl, I used to go to Broadway shows in lieu of having birthday parties.  One of my favorite memories is the mist filling the stage in the Lerner and Lowe musical, Brigadoon. This lyrical salute to a mystical … Read More


libby rabbitThis is my dog, Libby, dressed as a bunny rabbit for the Halloween parade at the Mid-Atlantic Dachshund Pfest in Virginia. She won first prize for the cutest costume. I know she does not look too pleased, since she probably would have preferred the accolade for the sexiest attire in the contest.  After all, dressing like a bunny for Halloween should evoke sensual and feminine images that border on the state of provocative as well … Read More

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