The curtain rises. From the depths of the orchestra, the music surges, flooding the senses with anticipation. The beautiful ballerina ascends en pointe to dance one of the most memorable tributes to feminine enchantment and romance in the history of classical ballet. It is the Pas De Deux, Tchaikovsky’s mesmerizing musical dream sequence from The Nutcracker Suite, during which the Sugar Plum Fairy pays tribute to the heroic Clara for saving the Prince. … Read More


This Week’s Intimate Discovery: Lola Haze™ venture into trendy marketing venues to promote their vision

Thinking outside of the box seems to be the only viable path for channeling business potential into real sales and profit. In tough times it’s the entrepreneur who stays focused on the vision but is willing to experiment with the method that succeeds. That’s why I am so taken by Laura Mehlinger, founder and designer of Lola Haze™, … Read More

When the kids were very young, I took full advantage of the holidays and kept a chart on the refrigerator door tracking their behavior for Santa Claus.  This worked as a bribery tool for about 3 weeks, during which I made a big drama about Christmas lists and gift potential.  Now they are older and multiple presents have been whittled down to one special package; so satisfying expectations is a much more intuitive chore. I … Read More

BRIEF ALERT! Cosabella

This Week’s Intimate Discovery: Established Intimates Company Takes An Innovative Step

Last week I ventured downtown to see the new Cosabella flagship store in New York’s trendy Soho district. After closing their traditional Intimate Apparel showroom, they have designed a crossover milieu where wholesale and retail staff commingles with customers creating instant feedback and easy access.  Signature product statements stand out in a contemporary white space highlighted with textural surfaces and touches of antique … Read More

Holiday Luxury ~ NK iMode

When my children were young, the holiday season was a time for excess.  Although I tried not to pamper them with material things, this was one time of the year when I over did it. I wanted to nurture the joy of anticipation experienced from giving much and receiving plenty.  To augment this encounter, we made sure that not one single package was in sight prior to Christmas morning.  We wanted to create the magic … Read More


This Week’s Intimate Discovery:  A Magical Columbian Brand Casts Its Spell in North America

Every time I shop in Anthropologie, I feel as if I am in an eclectic fairy tale.  This poetic boutique is a wonderland of fashion vignettes meant to satisfy a whimsical and creative lifestyle.  It is no wonder that I was able to discover the  Amulette Lingerie brand woven into this store’s cutting edge assortment.   Exquisitely crafted in the finest … Read More

I have always been drawn to the timeless beauty of seasoned products ripe with history.  I like the backstory, even if it’s a figment of my imagination.  When I was in my 20’s, I used to scour the retro clothing stores in NYC searching for unique pieces of vintage clothing that expressed my proclivity for  nostalgic chic.  I collected hand decorated cashmere sweaters, replete with satin ribbons and crystal buttons.  I donned cut glass deco … Read More

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