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Jane Woolrich Couture Lingerie as featured on Lingerie Briefs

If you really want to understand the essence of lingerie design, then Jane Woolrich is your study. Jane’s collection is a cornucopia of original thought. Her garments are beloved by brides and Saudi princesses as well as contemporary women looking for a unique piece of outerwear.

Jane Woolrich Couture Lingerie as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Jane’s creative instincts are inexorable. They are informed by compassion, warmth, and her work ethic. They are evident in her incredible attention to detail and the careful construction of every piece crafted by her team. Her intricate application of leavers laces defines her hand.… Read More


British Lingerie Brand Coutille as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Newly-launched Coutille is a British-based, European-made brand on a mission to produce lingerie that’s luxurious, sustainable, and practical too. It’s the creation of Hannah Farrugia Sharples, who has worked behind the scenes to design garments for La Perla and Coco de Mer, and in doing so, has had the pleasure of seeing her lingerie worn by numerous high-profile celebrities – even to the Met Gala! Now, after years of honing her luxury design skills at other labels, Hannah is striking out on her own in order to create underpinnings that are 100% true to her vision and values.… Read More

By LINDA DYETTNegative Underwear as featured on Lingerie BriefsFor several decades now, I’ve been writing about fashion—a passion of mine—every aspect of it, from design and fabrication to merchandising, retailing, and etailing. And always I look for the restless leading edge—the clothes (including underwear) that turn away from predictable, cookie cutter styles and capture–or better yet intuit and inform–the mood and needs of the changing times.

That’s what Negative Underwear, the brand with the unusual name, is all about. It was quick to sense the emergence of what’s come to be known as body positivity.Read More

by ASI EFROSBreastflower is a decorative breast jewel/flower for women who have had a mastectomy. Featured on Lingerie Briefs

“Helping women feel confident, beautiful, powerful, feminine, and sensual after mastectomy is Breastflower’s mission,” says Kamroen Farzan, founder of Breastflower and a breast cancer survivor.

Kamroen Farzan, founder of Breastflower and a breast cancer survivor as featured on Lingerie BriefsIn less than two years, Breastflower has transformed into a compelling campaign of empowerment and strength in a society, which considers a missing breast a taboo and where mastectomy is rarely openly discussed. After being diagnosed with breast cancer and having undergone a mastectomy in 2018, Kamroen has been determined to redefine her femininity, both physically and mentally.… Read More


Edge of Beyond Charlotte collection as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Founded in 2014, Edge o’ Beyond is one of the most distinctive lingerie brands around. Not only is it known for its optional chain accessories which can be clipped onto almost every garment, but any luxury lingerie fan will also instantly recognize their signature style of distinctive shapes combined with deluxe and eye-catching fabrics.

Edge of Beyond s/s 2021 as featured on Lingerie Briefs

The latest collection, for Spring/Summer 2021, includes a mixture of reimagined customer favorites plus new designs to fall freshly in love with, and is described by the brand as “a celebration of vibrant color and detail”.… Read More

by ASI EFROSCarol Coelho Intimates - exquisite lingerie featured on Lingerie Briefs

Carol Coelho has mastered the intricacy of lace and silk while first designing magnificent bridal gowns and then, in 2015, launching her own collection of exquisite lingerie, Carol Coelho Intimates

Carol Coelho Intimates - exquisite lingerie featured on Lingerie Briefs

In my interview with Carol, she gave me a glimpse of her creative process.

“One thing I still do today is what I call a ‘double-take.’ Before I say NO, I look again and ask myself WHY NOT? How can this NO be a YES? What will it take for this to be its full potential?… Read More


Freolic Luxury /silk and Lace bra and panty set as featured on Lingerie Briefs

UK-based Fréolic, which was created by Evgeniya Kharaim in 2016, is a premium lingerie brand that’s making the ‘bespoke’ shopping experience a whole lot more accessible. The label allows customers to effectively design their own made-to-measure set by picking from a selection of pre-designed shapes, adding customizations such as padding or a longline band, and finally picking from a vast array of silk colors and laces to bring it to life.

When Fréolic first debuted, it was much like any other luxury lingerie brand – producing seasonal collections, showing at trade shows, and offering wholesale.… Read More

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