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By ELLEN LEWISJane Woolrich Bridal Lingerie As featured on Lingerie Briefs

The synergy between the bridal and lingerie industries has always fascinated me. It’s not about the wedding. It’s all about the artistry, the cherished memories unique to these tableaux.   Exquisite laces, delicate embroideries, luxurious fabrics, treasured details, pearls, crystals, floral motifs are all assembled in an enchanting conclave of beauty. Basking on this assortment, one can easily grasp how a woman’s sense of self would be enhanced … Read More

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By Becky Yee & Ellen Lewis

Carol Coelho and Simone Perele as featured in The Winter Bride lingerie photo editorial by Becky Yee on Lingerie Briefs

A few months ago, Becky and I were brainstorming ideas for a bridal lingerie photo editorial. We were searching for an angle that defied the norm. Bingo! The Winter Bride! Why not focus on the empowerment of wizened women. Women that defy the mythology of aging. Women who, later in life, choose to marry and still want beautiful, sensual, and sophisticated lingerie for that … Read More

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BY ASI EFROSCarol Coelho’s wedding attire featured on Lingerie BriefsJust as a wedding is a culmination of the love affair between two people, the new bridal collection, Victoria, is a pinnacle of Carol Coelho’s wedding-attire mastery. Carol Coelho’s wedding back cut-out lace gown featured on Lingerie BriefsThe collection was inspired by the Victorian era, which celebrated the romantic escapism and beauty of the female form in juxtaposition to the redundancy and mechanical nature of the industrial revolution.Carol Coelho’s wedding Victorian inspirations featured on Lingerie BriefsIn this six-style bridal vignette, each piece gleams with … Read More

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NK IMODE Barbara Bridal Collection as featured on Lingerie Briefs

NK IMODE launches the Barbara Collection this spring adding more bridal sleepwear to their renowned assortment of luxury silk lingerie. Inspired by their deep dive into bygone Lettres d’Amour these designs are a passionate ode to love. Created with an elegant ivory crème etched silk jacquard pattern detailed with a lavish matte shiny stretch lace, these pieces beget a romantic dream. Barbara offers both a supportive short and long gown … Read More

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Lise Charmel Source Beaute Bridal Luxury Lingerie as featured on Lingerie BriefsHow fitting that Lise Charmel uses the lotus flower to define their exquisite Spring 2023 Source Beauté Collection. The lotus flower, a symbol of rebirth and of spiritual reawakening is the primary design element in this 20-piece panoply of panties, bras, and sleepwear. Representing the romantic notion encapsulated in every woman’s wedding journey as well as this season’s quest for new beginnings, Lise Charmel honors their legacy of luxury … Read More

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Shell Belle Bridal Lingerie as featured on Lingerie Briefs

The synergy between the wedding industry and lingerie design can be summarized by its celebration of femininity and the female form. It inspires artistry and evokes the thrill of anticipation. It demands imagination and the highest standards of design. I’ve been researching this market lately which is growing exponentially. It is interesting to note that many of the trends I encountered were reinforced in the themes permeating … Read More

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NK IMODE Morgan collection in silk charmeuse and stretch lace as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Today we are pleased to announce the launch of NK IMODE on the Lingerie Briefs Spotlight. Debuting with their Spring 2023 collection of luxurious silk and lace lingerie in four carefully curated sleepwear groups, these styles prove the power of this 20-year-old Canadian brand.

Beautifully crafted slips, chemises, gowns, pajamas, and kimono robes are designed with soft stretch laces, delicate details, and bias-cut draping ranging from XS-XL.  But what sets … Read More

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