Intimate Innovations

by Ali Cudby

With retro silhouettes in high fashion, it’s not surprising that corsetry has made a comeback.  Hourglass figures are accentuated in all the right places by the structure only a corset can bring.  And yet all corsets are not created equal.  I was fortunate enough to sit down with Madame Poupie Cadolle at the Paris Salon International de la Lingerie, and she shed some light on the elements that make her corsetry stand … Read More

by Ali Cudby

I was fortunate enough to see the Van de Velde facilities in Belgium recently and the experience has heightened my appreciation for the value of quality lingerie.

Of all the things I saw on the tour that amazed me – and there were a lot of them – what remains in my mind as particularly innovative is their blending of old and new technologies to ensure the highest quality product across all … Read More

Light A Path ~ Valisère

by Ali Cudby

The Autumn/Winter 2012 Paris Salon International de la Lingerie was a mash up of color, sound – and 50 particularly innovative lights, courtesy of Valisère’s Corsage Magique.

The Corsage Magique is a corset that is made with lace and a backing fabric featuring a decorative motif – but the design is much more than decoration.  The fabric actually has 50 miniature LED lights that are the size of sequins built into the … Read More

Internal Support ~ Embrace

by Ali Cudby

 The Paris 2012 Salon International de la Lingerie may be underway, yet it seems fitting to pause and take a look back to last year’s Paris show.  The winner of the Most Creative Design Award at the ULTRA Fashion Show was a company showcasing a new approach to breast support – Embrace, out of Ireland.

Embrace’s patented innovation is based on a design that redistributes the weight of the breast, allowing for … Read More

Stay Cool ~ Amoena Mia

by Ali Cudby

The past year saw innovation hit retail stores in a number of forms, but few introductions were as cool as this one – the new line from Amoena Mia.  What sets the Mia line apart is the incorporation of a patented fabric, called Comfort+, into their bras.

The Comfort+ technology actually helps to regulate the body’s temperature.  Specifically, when a woman warms up, the fabric aids in pulling the heat away … Read More

How To Be A Diva

The world of intimates is constantly evolving, and while consumers may not always be aware of the changes, innovation helps make women’s underpinnings increasingly supportive, comfortable and gorgeous.  Intimate Innovations will look at the enhancing world of lingerie from the perspectives of materials, manufacturing processes and marketing.

Recently, Empreinte’s new Diva line brought innovation to the market through its unique use of materials.  Namely, the Diva line is a seamless cup of molded guipure lace.  … Read More

Intimate Innovations

Intimate Innovations by Ali Cudby, author of the Lingerie Blog: Fab Foundations. Ali mines the international materials market to share cutting edge technical and fabric components creating revolutionary changes in the Intimates market.… Read More

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