Intimate Innovations

By Ali Cudby

Recently, Commando was awarded a patent for their slip.  Intrigued by the aspect of their slip that made it a patented technology, I learned more – here’s what they shared:

AC:  Please explain the innovation that is built into your slip.

Commando:  The major innovation that is built into the slip, and is the basis for our patent, in the weighted hem. It’s a small weight system that is sewn into the hem and keeps the slip in place. It prevents the problems associated with slips from the past – no clinging, creeping, static and sticking to legwear. This innovation is combined with commando’s signature raw-cut microfiber fabrication and updated silhouettes from full length to mini.

AC: Was every innovation in Commando part of the application, or did it focus on one particular element?

Commando:  The weighted hem system was the focus of the patent application, however, … ...Read more

By Ali Cudby

The first Contour J Cup Bra previews for Fall 2012

At June’s Full Figured Fashion Week, panel participants and audience members alike got into a rollicking discussion about bras.  While many of these women were unaware of the options that existed in the market, some also lamented that the brands focusing on fashion-forward, full-figured options were limited in their sizes.

In fact, a Facebook poll revealed that only 14% of busty women have found a molded cup bra that fits them well, with size range and shape being the two main contributors of their dissatisfaction.

Now, the range of options for both full-figured and full-busted women is growing, with the introduction of the world’s first contoured J-cup bra, by Curvy Kate.  The bra, aptly named Smoothie,  will be available as part of the AW12 collection beginning in September.

“For fuller cup sizes, it is incredibly difficult to … ...Read more

A Knock Out Win!

By Ali Cudby

Get a bunch of MBA’s in a room and you might expect them to focus on the next big technology play or Wall Street bull, but in the 2012 Harvard Business School competition for Alumni Entrepreneurs, Knock Out!® panties KO’d the other 130 new companies in the field to take home the championship belt.

Knock Out!®, owned by Harvard MBA Angela Newnam, is the first woman-owned venture to win the competition.  The company had to impress 18 judges (of which 17 were men) to take home the prize for her high-performance undergarments.  Knock Out!’s® edge comes from an odor and moisture control fabric that uses a patented NoTrace® technology.

NoTrace® gives the cotton performance properties, in two ways:  1) The cotton wicks moisture away to keep clothes and the wearer dry while also eliminating odor.  2) Odor technology is built into … ...Read more

By Ali Cudby

That’s A Wrap!

There’s no question that women are increasingly turning to shapewear in their wardrobes, but not all shapewear is created equal.  Differences often come down to the technology that goes into manufacturing the various brands.  In an effort to help shed the light on some of the leading innovations, I spoke with the manufacturers of Body Wrap® to learn more about the technology that goes into their product.  Here’s what they had to say.

AC: How, specifically, does the seamless Body Wrap® technology work?

BW:  Body Wrap® shapewear involves seamless engineering of garments using advanced circular knit technology. This technology allows different knitting constructions, from high compression to high breathability zones, to be knit seamlessly within one garment, eliminating side seams and chafing points. Through seamless engineering, we can determine the level of volume, control, compression, support and comfort that is needed … ...Read more

The Full-Busted Swimwear market has exploded in the past several years, and many companies take different approaches to supporting the girls.  Here are just a few of the styles of construction out there for swim.

First of all, a note: I have never understood the tankini.  It’s a bathing suit for women who want the sass of a bikini but with a little more coverage.  A woman who wants that modest two-piece is likely to feel that way for a reason.  And yet…the tankini exposes the one area that most women are self-conscious about, the belly roll.  I’m sure there are toned, athletic women out there who love a tankini but personally, I don’t get it.  Given my bias, I am not reviewing any.



This one-piece from Aerin Rose features an underwire built into the front of the bodice, with … ...Read more

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