Legwear Briefs

By Cristina Casciano-King

Philippe Matignon introduces its Fall 2012 Collection…with Bra La Mode

My favorite buy of the season for PeekBrooklyn.com is always for Fall. I get so excited sitting with all the different vendors at the various shows..whether its Curve NY, Mode City Salon International in Paris or just meeting one on one with the vendors. Philippe Matignon collections shine year after year…always hitting the style high notes.

Their Fall Collection is no disappointment. Bringing back not only the Jade Sheers that Kate Middleton is strutting in all over the world, but styles like the faux hold-ups- tights that give the illusion of vintage seamed stockings with a modern twist. and. My favorite for Fall though, MicroFiber polka dots, which are perfect for everyday wear.

I have always been a fan of Philippe Mantignon even before I began Peek. My only reservation about the product is the packaging. … ...Read more

By Cristina Casciano-King

Are they cool or just strange?

If you ever googled what are the coolest tights, chances are that the brand “Les Queues de Sardines” came up which makes me wonder are they cool, unique or just strange?

There is a fine line between cool, unique and strange. Something so cool and edgy can sometimes be just plain weird. The brand “Les Queues De Sardines” are the master of cool tights but are so very eccentric, they can make you feel uncomfortable. Adorned with printed patterns of funky twalls, hairy legs and eye balls are the tights powerful and can sometimes even be grotesque.

The Fall 11 collection was just that, sort of Disney’s Snow White meets the new film Snow White and the Huntsman. The severed limbs, the ax and the heart and the cute bear faces border on garish and sappy at the sametime.

colorful tightsThe … ...Read more


By Cristina Casciano-King 

As the Summer time approaches everyone is looking for that little beauty boost to take their legs from winter white to that summer glow. The legs which are covered from late october sometimes until MAY will finaly have their day in the sun but now without the sun -thanks to SunKiss Fake Tan Tights available exclusivly from TightsPlease.co.uk


The SunKiss Fake Tan Tights are a revolutionary idea, taking tights to evenly distribute the self tanner to your leg without areas being missed. Simply slip on the wet tights, (which is as tricky as this experience gets) rub the legs with the provided plastic gloves, and after 10 minutes of wear and 2hrs to “develop” and Ouila!


I personally hate self-tanner but this experience changed my mind. I will be buying these in bulk until I can get to the beach.The SunKiss Fake Tan Tights, take … ...Read more

By Cristina Casiano-King

It has come to my attention that not everyone is aware of the fact that leggings or footless tights are not always pants. Of course there are exceptions to this rule, but lets discuss the proper way to wear these unique legwear varieties.

First, it’s important to define the difference between “Leggings” and “Footless Tights”.

Footless Tights are just that, tights without feet…which are sheer on the bum and not intended to be worn without some sort of coverage on the rear. Footless Tights are often more ornate, or made in open weave patterns. They will also have a gusset, which is another indicator that they are not to be worn without covering on the bum (the gusset is the ….). A good rule of thumb should be if they look like tights think of them as tights NOT leggings and style them accordingly.



Leggings on the … ...Read more

Stockings Are Not Tights!

A brief rundown of the differences between tights and stockings…

by Cristina Casciano-King

Tights, Hose, Stockings. People often interchange these words carelessly, or simply call everything and anything that falls in the legwear category “Stockings,” when in reality these are all different things. Before I knew any better I was one of them…

Then while discussing my “stocking” collection to the owner of a well known vintage lingerie store in Manhattan, I was corrected and asked specifically whether I collect Stockings or Tights? I was dumbfounded. At that point I had collected 250 pairs of what I assumed were all stockings, only to find out I had it all WRONG.

diagram of a seamed stockingWith a newly enlightened outlook, I was to become a strict advocate of using the correct words when addressing one’s legwear collection – or even just the pair you have on that day. Not only are there three strictly different … ...Read more

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