Legwear Briefs

By Cristina Casiano-King

Valentine’s is the perfect opportunity to add a little something extra to your outfit. Start with your favorite dress, and remember it’s what’s underneath that counts. The underpinnings on Valentine’s day will be the only aphrodisiac you’ll need

So put away those plain Jane tights and jeggings and go for the sexy classic stocking. The second you put on stockings your outfit will go from stuffy to sultry. There is something about the art of getting dressed with a garter and stockings that always add a little swagger in one’s step.

First off you will need a garter belt. These come in many forms. The classic garter belt, will feel seductive and is a wonderful turn on for when you get home…These work best with classic seamed stockingsnylon stockings and some stockings that have stretch.

Then there are suspenders, these clip on to … ...Read more

Holiday Legs

By Cristina Casiano-King

Its begining to look a lot like Christmas. As the Holiday Season is about to begin, there will be no shortage of sparkly tops and festive sweater vests. All that will be left to find will be is someone to kiss under the mistletoe.

Balancing the Sparkle in your holiday outfit can be tricky, you don’t want to end up looking like the glitter fairy threw up all over you.

For the Edgy Christmas Carol session try a pair of Dominatrix Style Tights. The lace up boot effect gives your little black dress both a naughty and nice effect. But, these won’t feel like you are stepping out of a Charles Dickens Novel. For a little extra add a little leather biker jacket and head out caroling..

Personally, I am obsessed with rhinestone tights for the holidays. The classic backseam Tights adorned with rhinestones as the … ...Read more

By Cristina Casciano-King

With all the recent crazy weather we have faced, wouldn’t it be nice to show a little skin. Snake Skin Leggings are a hot trend in legwear! They feel a little bit rock n roll mixed with a classic animal print pattern.

This legwear trend comes in leggings, tights and even socks!! Snake skin isn’t just for the eighties music videos you can wear them to stroll the farmers market on the weekends.

The Hue Lacquered Snake Skin Leggings are an easy wear you won’t need to cover your bum while wearing these. The slight sheen and glossiness makes these cool leggings an easy transition from day look to late night.

The Gaetano Cazzola Snake Skin Footless Tights are a bit more subtle then the Hue leggings, and half the price. These of course being footless tights have to be layered.

They are an easy wear with … ...Read more

Got Polka Dots?

By Cristina Casciano-King

It seems that every season leg wear everywhere are covered in Polka Dots. Whether they are teeny weeny ( Polka dot Bikini style! ) or extra large- season after season polka dots are the safe pattern for all.

The Dot craze bubbled up again with Falke in Fall 2011- they held strong through Spring and did so well that as Fall arrives Dots are now a permanent fixture of the Falke basics collection. So there is no sign of this trend’s bubble bursting.

Another brand that burst on the scene with Dots last fall was Commando, with their signature dig free waistband which my sister says is like “wearing a hug”  Commando’s JUMBO dots became the comfortable and creative way to wear the polka dot look.

This Fall (2012) there is no shortage of inspired polka dot looks. Pretty Polly has a beautiful pair of Polka Dot ...Read more

By Cristina Casiano-King

Unique tights are in abundance this season with the new fall collection from Jonathan Aston. They have inspired interesting spins on their typical back seamed tights-incorporating leaves this Fall. This follows a tradition that in the past have seen many a unique design climbing up the back of legs on women around the world. In the past years everything from cards suits to buttons have been featured.

Each collection from Jonathan Aston this fall is unique, the first which is available now at PeekBrooklyn is the Prim and Proper confirming the fact that Lady Like Legwear will be strutting down on fifth ave allowing every women to release their inner Vargas Pin Up


My favorites are the SirenTease and Racy, I can’t wait to pair them with a cute peplum top, pencil skirt and classic pumps. The Siren come in both a rich grape … ...Read more

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