Legwear Briefs

By Cristina Casciano-King

The Ripped Tight Trend-is it over yet?

With Lady Like Lux coming into vogue this fall, has the ripped tights trend finally founds its proper place on the trash heap of tights also ran? The past few season pre-ripped tights have been seen in various collections from Jonathan Aston to Pretty Polly and of course Leg Avenue. This trend could be easily maintained without even looking for the major brands.

Often when I would see people prancing around in this style, I would be compelled to hand them a card and tell them to come by my shop. Then when the big brands started manufacturing their “seamed” to be no end in sight for this trashy style.

I like how this look adds a bit of sparkle to class up the ripped look.

Now with the lady like backseams and simple patterns coming into the stores, will … ...Read more

The Faux Garter Look…

By Cristina Casciano-King

. . . Or As They Say On The Other Side Of The Pond, The Suspender Look

With all the Olympic Hoopla dying down in merry Olde England.-One thing is still as hot as Micheal Phelps-The Faux Garter Look or as they say in England the Suspender Tight. This simple style takes a normal looking tight and adds a certain sauciness to it, by giving the illusion of garters clasping the stocking in place.

A trend that emerged about 2 years ago from The Pretty Polly Brand has transformed the Legwear trends again this fall. The “Super Suspender” Tight from the House of Holland for Pretty Polly took the trend to a whole new level…The uniqueness of the of this style has opened up the doors for a ton of new variations.

The Indie Brand from Denmark- Sneaky Fox took it one step further and took the

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Mantyhose ~ Men In Tights

By Cristina Casciano-King

Mantyhose made a big splash for the American Metrosexual Male earlier this year in many publications like NY Magazine, The New York Times and even The Week. So were the men of NYC flocking to sites to snap up the latest trends showcased by these fashion forward publications?

Mantyhose are just like their female oriented counterparts, they are produced in sheer, patterned and even oiled to give the look of tan legs. The brand that is getting the most recognition for reintroducing Men to hosiery is Emilio Cavalli selling to men world wide and even creating a new formulation of materials and breathablity for there unisex collection tights. They are selling like crazy in countries like Germany, France, Scandinavia, Canada, and even the USA.

Emilio Cavalli isn’t the only brand targeting men.  The world famous brand Spanx also has a line out for men, that helps with … ...Read more

Tights & Shorts Are Fun!

By Cristina Casciano-King

With the scorching hot weather we have been having here in Brooklyn, and the beyond its hard to even think about wearing tights, leggings or any sort of close fitting garment.

However, despite the heat wave people are still stepping out in Tights and Shorts. I personally love the look of tights and shorts. Any excuse to wear tights is good for me. The trend has caught on for the manufacturers as well. All the great brands are showcasing unique glimpses of patterns that hit below the hem line for an added peek with shorts.


Brands like Pretty Polly and their Faux garter sensation are favorites of reality stars like Jessica Ramono from Glam Fairy of New Jersey.


 Gaetano Cazzolo is also big on the trend,  my favorite are these eyelet inspired faux over the knee socks with attached bloomers

This style is perfect year round. The … ...Read more

By Cristina Casciano-King

Gearing up to show your Patriotic Side, for the upcoming Olympic games in London or maybe you want to look festive for that annual 4th of July BBQ put away that Old Navy Flag tee-shirt and put on some tights. From House of Holland for Pretty Polly Brand and available in 3 great countries flags, The Stars and Stripes,  The Union Jack representing the United Kingdom and finally Support the Land down Under by flying the Australian Flag one leg at a time.

At first glance these tights seem a little difficult to pair with everyday clothes, and the material make you feel like you should be running the 50 meter dash-They are super cute under denim shorts, flirty red, white or blue striped dresses and delicate white eyelet dresses

These House of Holland for Pretty Polly have a printed pattern representing images of the flags, they … ...Read more

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