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By Ali Cudby


Welcome to the fourth installment of this series on branding in lingerie. Today we’ll be talking to Claire Chambers, Founder & CEO of the amazing Journelle stores in New York City.

If you are new to the branding series, you can take a look at previous articles about Lingerie Briefs, Secrets in Lace and INVISTA/Eurovet.  The goal in these articles is to offer lingerie retailers diverse perspectives on branding from an array of industry leaders that you can apply directly to your business and foster growth.

Journelle is a luxury suite of retail stores in New York City, with three locations strategically found on the Upper East Side, Union Square and Soho.

AC: How do you characterize the Journelle brand?

CC: Journelle was born out of my strong belief that beautiful lingerie should be an everyday affair.  Journelle actually comes from the French word “journellement,” … ...Read more

By Ali Cudby


So far in this lingerie branding series, we’ve looked at Lingerie Briefs and online retailer, Secrets In Lace. Now we are asking; What happens when you want to expand your lingerie brand?

It’s important to be strategic when considering expansion. There’s plenty of upside – new market, new customers, and dreaming about the ka-ching dropping to the bottom line. On the flip side, getting expansion wrong can be expensive in both dollars and cost to your established brand’s reputation. You need to evaluate the risks.

Before you go rushing off to multiply, it’s important to consider how and when to grow. One way to consider expansion is with a test. Even smarter – doing that test with a partner who stands to benefit while also shouldering some of the cost.

lycra_invista_8151826The lingerie world recently saw an ideal example of that kind of brand expansion test. The players … ...Read more

By Ali Cudby

Recently there was a flurry of articles seemingly saying that women’s average bra size jumped from a 34B to 34DD since 1983.  The source was a study by Intimacy.


As a retailer, you may have found the headlines a little hard to believe – I certainly did.  Are women’s bodies really changing?  If so, why?  As a retailer, it’s important to understand changes or trends having to do with women’s bodies because that relates directly to how you buy and otherwise serve the women who shop with you.

As Elisabeth Dale asked in her Breast Briefs article on the topic, where’s the science?  There may be numerous reasons why women’s bra size may be changing, but there hasn’t been a lot of science to focus on the answers why – and even the science that’s out there is all too often built on a questionable base … ...Read more

By Ali Cudby

August may be a month for your friends and neighbors to drift into the lazy haze of summer, but if you work in the lingerie industry, this is a busy month for working on the buying and planning side of your retail business.  Yes, it’s trade show season again.  After jaunts through Paris and Miami, this week the madness descends on New York City, where there will be a trifecta of major events for the lingerie industry.

The fun begins on Thursday, August 1st with LingerieFW, the official fashion week for the lingerie industry.  LingerieFW successfully debuted in February and is thrilled to be back for its sophomore event with even more exciting shows!  The three-day event will feature catwalk shows from brands such as Affinitas/Parfait and Secrets in Lace and is sponsored by companies such as The Lingerie Addict Bra La Mode, and my … ...Read more

By Ali Cudby

Claudette’s Dessous line became an instant hit the season it debuted, and has continued to grow its devoted following.  The line itself is relatively (and deceptively) simple – a sheer, stretch mesh, cut-and-sewn bra with a couple of matching bottoms.  What has set Dessous apart is equally simple:

Customers LOVE the colors.

The season Dessous launched, Claudette showed a series of neon colors, exactly when neon was getting attention as a fashion trend.  Seeing the line-up of electric purple, blue, green and pink drew buyers to the booth of the new brand.  The color story was similarly attractive to customers when the product hit store shelves.

From a merchandising perspective, having access to all of those colors at the same time is both eye catching and appealing for customers.

Of course, Claudette didn’t invent color merchandising.  It has been done successfully by numerous brands – Hanky ...Read more

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