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By Ali Cudby


When a retailer is in business for the long haul, the business will invariably encounter changes.  Sometimes stores hang on to the tried and true, hoping for the best, while others embrace change and grow.  Liliana Mann, owner of the iconic Linea Intima, in Toronto, has gone the latter route.

PastedGraphic-2To celebrate the boutique’s 15th anniversary, Mann opened a 1330 sq ft location in luxurious Bayview Village.  Within the classic Linea look, there is a new shop-in-shop concept store, called “elle aime – for the love of me.”  elle aime’s energy is younger and cheekier, with a boudoir-inspired design that’s “Barbie meets Bendel’s.”  “elle aime allows me to create a more affordable, on-trend collection of brands that I wouldn’t have previously offered,” says Liliana. “It will include directional labels such as La Fée Verte and Claudette, Deshabille from Australia, UK brands Addiction, … ...Read more

By Ali Cudby

For the past few years, there has been much talk about innovations in shapewear, whether they are focused on fashion, knitting technologies or cosmetic benefits embedded into shapewear fabrics.

Customers may not understand these innovations, and explaining them can help make a sale – or an upsell.  In addition to understanding a product’s features and benefits, it’s both interesting and fun to learn about the story behind a new product.  Sharing that story with customers brings a product to life and has the added bonus of cementing your role as an industry expert.

For Farnaz Kahn, inspiration struck after having four children.  After each pregnancy, it became increasingly challenging to get her pre-baby body back quickly.  Eventually – as with many new Moms – she started looking for a little help to smooth certain pockets that stubbornly refused to return to their original shape.… ...Read more

Be Brand Savvy ~ Panache

By Ali Cudby

The Three Things You Need to Know This Spring/Summer about Panache

Between the trade shows and the time product arrives in stores, it’s easy to forget the details of a particular brand’s new lines.  Understanding the details of new product can help make the sale.  When a retailer or employee speaks knowledgably about the unique features of a new lingerie line she is providing superior customer service, educating her clients and proving that she cares about the product she offers in her shop.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some key highlights from the Panache family of lingerie brands.



A new lingerie launch this month is Sculptresse, which offers everything from everyday basics to fashion styles for the full-figured woman. Sculptresse features five different ranges in an assortment of colorways, prints and patterns – all with coordinating briefs and boyshorts.  Bra sizes range … ...Read more

Trick Of The Fit

By Ali Cudby

Customers In The Fitting Room

Bra Fitting on Lingerie Briefs

If only fitting lingerie was as simple as having a single bra size.  Yes, I can hear the chuckles from the fitting community.  We all know better.  Bra sizes vary from brand to brand, and even within a brand from bra to bra.  I was prepping the fitting room troubleshooting module for my bra fit training program, FabFit Academy, which got me thinking about customers’ conceptions – and misconceptions – about bras.

I asked a Facebook community of lingerie retailers and fitters some of the troubleshooting they do with customers in the dressing room.

The majority of the challenges stem from their basic misunderstanding of bands – how they fit, where they should sit, and what to do about the measuring tape.

woman-having-bra-fitting on lingerie briefs

Alison Campbell, owner of bespoke corset company Crikey Aphrodite and department store fitter out of the UK, shares that … ...Read more

Mother’s Day Prep

By Ali Cudby

It’s that time of year, and planning Mother’s Day promotions for your lingerie store should be in full swing.  Yes – you may still be warding off the winter chill, but this is the time for gearing up for the year’s next big celebratory event.  One good way to consider the holiday is to think about your audience; by that, I mean MAMA.
In this case, MAMA means:


Materials.  Do you have the right inventory on hand, and in your pipeline for the coming weeks?   In addition to PJs, bed jackets and other lingerie items, this is a great time to stock up on easy, no-fit gifts like sachets, drawer liners and other goodies that are both Mom-appropriate and fit in with your overall store personality.  Don’t forget boxes, tissue paper and other wrapping essentials!

Audience.  In … ...Read more

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